PSE Fang HD Review: A Crossbow Designed for Hunters (2024)

This is a PSE Fang Crossbow Review which will look at this versatile entry level crossbow. 

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Crossbows take the benefits of the bow and the firearm and combine them into a user friendly weapon.  In many states, the crossbow can be used during bow season, which gives you more time to hunt.  The PSE Fang crossbow is an excellent choice as it provides the convenience of a rifle along with the benefit of a bow. 

We’re going to take a closer look at what makes this powerful crossbow worth your consideration. Read on to discover what we love about this bow, a detailed look at it’s features, and what current owners are saying. 

PSE Fang Pros and Cons

  • Fast speed:  This crossbow produces speeds up to 405 fps which yields incredible accuracy and consistency. 
  • Safety features:  The crossbow has several safety features.  This allows the crossbow to be safely decocked and offers anti dry fire technology.
  • Complete crossbow package: The package that comes along with the PSE Fang has a scope, 5 bolt quiver, 3 22” carbon arrows, limb dampeners, string silencers, and a cocking rope.  This is one of the best packages I have reviewed.   
  • On the heavy side:  At 7.3 lbs, the PSE Fang is slightly heavy for a crossbow.  This will increase accuracy but will be more difficult to hold.  
  • Limited arrows included: The crossbow package only comes with 3 arrows and a 5 arrow quiver.  You will have to purchase an additional arrow if you want to go bow hunting with a full quiver.

Who Should Buy The PSE Fang?

The PSE Fang crossbow is an excellent hunting crossbow.  This package gives you almost everything you need right out of the box to start hunting.  The speed allows for accurate shots while the package does a good job to limit vibration. 

This crossbow would be an excellent first crossbow for young shooters due to its ease of use.  It lends itself equally well to target shooting as well as for hunting purposes.  It is more than enough for elk hunting for any seasoned hunter.    

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Features of the PSE Fang Review

Let’s take a look at some of the stand-out features that make the PSE Fang a crossbow worth your consideration.

Reverse Cam Technology

The reverse cam technology on the PSE Fang HD is what allows it to shoot as fast as it does.  With the creative positioning of the cams and the limbs, the bow is sturdier and offers more power in a compact package. 

This also gives the crossbow its shape.  While it is not the widest crossbow on the market, you will have to take in consideration its shape and size when you think about how you will hunt.  None of this matters if you are simply target shooting, but it becomes a very important issue in the woods.          

Anti Dry Fire and Auto Safety Trigger

The crossbow is designed with anti dry fire technology.  This keeps the crossbow from being fired when there is not a bolt in it.  Shooting in such a way could lead to harm to the crossbow or the individual without this technology in place.  

One problem that many crossbows face because of this is that they cannot be decocked without firing the crossbow.  The PSE Fang solves this by also offering the ability to be decocked.  This increases safety and convenience. 

This crossbow also includes an auto safety trigger which again reduces the risk of misfires and keeps shooters safer in the field.   

Incredible Accuracy

The PSE Fang has been designed with several features to provide incredible accuracy.  We have already mentioned the reverse cam technology that gives the crossbow its 405 fps.  

There is also the integrated picatinny rail which allows a number of attachments to be included.  

We cannot forget the fang’s grip, which is easy to hold in any weather condition.  This forward grip design really shines at the shooting range where someone may try to be as accurate as possible. 

The foregrip position offers a comfortable hold on the crossbow when firing and really provides a comfortable firing position.  The integrated cheek rest is also designed to give you a stable firing platform, whether in the hunting blind or on the range.    

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Variable Scope

The HDV 425 1.5-5×32 variable zoom illuminated reticle scope is an excellent companion to this crossbow. The scope gives you enough magnification to take the longer distance shots while not compromising the ability to shoot up close. 

The illuminated reticle works best in low light conditions when a lot of animals become more active. Pass through shots are very possible thanks to this setup. Shooting accurately at black bear from a tree stand or other large game from a ground blind is easy to do.     

The thin crosshairs offer the level of accuracy needed in these situations.  When a killing shot is needed during hunting season, you can definitely rely on this crossbow

Adjustable Stock

The adjustable buttstock is just one more feature that makes the PSE fang one of the best crossbows on the market.  It is easy to adjust it to your specific needs.  

With the pistol grip offering a thumb guard, and the stock fitting to you and your needs, this inexpensive crossbow offers more at this low price point than most on the market. 

Dampeners and String Silencers

One of the problems with crossbows is that they are loud.  It is hard to hide that much energy from a compound crossbow even in expensive crossbows.  However, due to the moderate weight and the included string silencers, the dangerous moving parts are very quiet on the PSE Fang.

I cannot say it is the quietest crossbow on the market, but as a dual string crossbow it is more than quiet enough for crossbow hunting.  

Easy to Cock

The foot stirrup on the PSE Fang is a nice feature.  It makes cocking the crossbow that much easier.  With the supplied cocking rope, it is no trouble at all to get it in the loaded position.  

I do need to mention that it will take some practice to get used to cocking and decocking a crossbow.  Younger shooters, in particular, should be supervised as they do this.  There are hand cranks that make the task easier, but they can be costly purchased outside of this kit.  

Crossbow bolts

The package that comes along with the PSE Fang includes three 22” crossbow bolts.  These bolts include field points for practicing.  They are more than enough for hunting purposes if one purchases the appropriate broad heads.

If you want to use a different size crossbow bolt, you can follow the guide in the user manual.  I tend to stick with the factory recommendations as they have been selected for price and effectiveness.  

You can purchase crossbow bolts that vary their color fletching if you choose.  This will not change performance but if you are shooting with others, it is nice to know which arrows are yours.  

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What Are Others Saying about the Pse Fang?

Many crossbow shooters are looking for a first bow that can be picked up and used at a moment’s notice without the extra cost that many crossbows carry today.  If you look across the internet, you will see that the PSE Archery Fang HD is where many of them turn.    

When reddit user u/Abbrv2Achv wanted a new crossbow for hunting, another user steered them toward the PSE Fang.  They had this to say: 

Another reddit user was commenting on the value of the crossbow and stated in this forum:

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PSE Fang Alternatives

The PSE Fang is one of my favorite traditional crossbows for hunting use.  However, there are other models on the market worth a look.  Let’s take a moment and compare the PSE Fang to another excellent crossbow, the Barnett Jackal Crossbow

PSE Fang vs Barnett Jackal Crossbow

barnett jackal crossbow

The Barnett Jackal is a great entry level crossbow, especially for newer shooters.  It is much slower, only giving 315 fps.  However, it is also easier to cock and to use which may appeal to younger shooters or female shooters. 

Despite the slower speed, the Barnett Jackalis still plenty enough to take midsize and smaller game.  

The trigger on the Barnett Jackal is particularly nice at only 3.5 lbs.  With practice you can learn any trigger system but it is nice when they are a bit lighter.  

The included scope is more of a red dot system.  This is fine and is preferable for some people.  However, it will not be able to produce the accuracy of the PSE Fang.       


The PSE Fang  is an excellent crossbow modeled after the more traditional design. This makes it easy to use, especially for younger shooters.  I find it to be a very affordable hunting crossbow with a reasonable draw weight.  

Thanks to its completely adjustable frame, this crossbow can be adjusted to fit a number of different shooters.  Its speed and accuracy cannot be matched at this price point, making it an excellent hunting crossbow!

It  is equally useful at the shooting range, thanks to its scope and features.  If you choose to hunt with it, you can feel confident in taking any larger game.  It has the speed and accuracy to do so.  

Hopefully this PSE Fang review has demonstrated the qualities of this bow.  Archers who shop for this bow will not be disappointed.; click here to check out the latest price.

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