archery for kids

Archery for Kids: A Complete Guide

It’s always exciting to introduce kids to a new outdoor activity. Seeing them express interest in something other than a screen is amazing. These activities teach them values like patience and discipline. If you have a young aspiring archer, encourage them to pursue their new-found passion. More importantly, prepare them well. They need a good […]

how does a compound bow work

How Do Compound Bows Work?

How do compound bows work? A compound bow is probably the most complicated type of bow. All those mechanical parts can be confusing. While archers love the compound bow because of its accuracy and power, not all of them understand how it works. What happens from when you start drawing the bowstring to when the […]

how powerful is a compound bow

How Powerful is a Compound Bow?

How powerful is a compound bow? Everyone knows that the compound is the most advanced type of bow. Unlike traditional bows, it uses a system of pulleys. This results in outstanding accuracy and overall performance. But is it more powerful than the other types of bows? Find out below. What Makes a Bow Powerful? A […]

how much does a compound bow cost

How Much Does a Compound Bow Cost?

How much does a compound bow cost? This is a question you hear from many newbie archers. Or archers who are looking to try compound archery. Unfortunately, you can’t get a specific answer. Compound bows cost anywhere from around $80 to $1500+. It depends on the production cost and a few other things. But you […]

bow sight in

How to Sight in a Bow

It takes patience and skill to shoot bull’s eyes. When hunting, you need to hit exactly where you are aiming at, even over a long distance. As you can imagine, this is not easy. There are environmental variables that are out of your control such as gravity and the wind. There is also the issue […]

Mathews Genesis Compound Bow

How to Measure Your Draw Length

“This bow is suitable for archers with a draw length of x inches”. All bows have a draw length specification. This is a concept that you need to understand so you can get a bow that will give you the best experience. Before getting deeper into details, it is only fair to cover the basics […]

when is hunting season

When is Hunting Season? – For Each US State

Hunting is regulated for obvious reasons. Not knowing when hunting seasons open can cause you to miss out on a lot fun with fellow hunters. Even worse, you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law and pay a hefty price. Besides, you want to be able to plan ahead of time. Different […]

how to get your hunting license in each state

How To Get Your Hunting License – For Each US State

Many people are intimidated by the idea of getting a hunting license. For the average joe, matters of law are better left to legal professionals. Usually, procedures involving the law are tedious, expensive and the paperwork is crazy. However, getting a hunting permit is fairly easy, no matter where you live- you will be surprised. […]

dominant eye

How to Tell Which Eye Is Dominant

Fun fact: your brain likes one of your eyes more than the other. That is what brings about eye dominance. Visual input from the favorite eye (the dominant eye) is preferred. The other eye still works equally well—in case you are getting worried. The only difference is that your dominant eye takes the lead. How […]

choose tree stand harness

How to Choose and Use a Hunting Treestand Harness

Many things can cause you to lose balance while on a tree stand, especially an open one. You can get carried away when trying to shoot, you may make a sudden move and slip, among many other things. It does not matter how careful or alert you are, treestands can be very risky. That is […]

best ground blind for bow hunting

How to Choose the Best Ground Blind for Bow Hunting

Many people may consider a ground blind to be a luxury. If you are one of these people, you may want to reconsider. Bow hunting is a traditional practice that has been greatly modernized to give hunters an easier time. So, why would you not use all the amazing equipment available and give yourself awesome […]

Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow with arrow

Do Not Dry Fire Your Bow – Here Is Why

Dry firing is shooting your bow without an arrow. It is also known as dry loosing. Every type of bow can be negatively affected by dry firing but some, like the compound bow, may suffer more damage than others. In every lesson about archery or in every piece of advice, you are always warned about […]

types of bows

Types of Bows: A User’s Guide For All Levels

All you need to know about the different bow types, which bow type is best for a specific kind of archery and the type that will suit you best.

Recurve Bow Hunting

16 Essentials For Recurve Bow Hunting You Need to Know

A recurve bow is not usually the first choice when it comes to hunting. The compound bow is preferred. Experienced archers might even advise you against using a recurve bow for hunting. However, if you want to practice a traditional and pure form of hunting, the recurve bow is your best option. It shoots very […]

archery for beginners

Archery For Beginners: Quick Start Guide

Whether you have shot a bow a few times in your life and now you want to get into archery seriously or you are a total beginner, there are so many things you need to learn. Hopefully, you are not looking to just shoot arrows aimlessly but to become a great archer and have tons […]

how to shoot a compound bow

How To Shoot A Compound Bow

Archery is not popular as it was a few thousand years ago— when people depended on it for food and protection from enemies. However, just because it is not needed for survival does not mean the practice is extinct. It is, in fact, increasing in popularity, especially now that people want to take time off […]

how to shoot a recurve bow

How To Shoot A Recurve Bow

Archery began as a form of war and hunting for food but it is now a sport and hobby for many. Life in the current era confines people to tight schedules. Therefore, any outdoor activity is more than welcome to help people take a break and just breathe. Different individuals have different preferences when it […]