How do you choose the best bow for target shooting? What is the best hunting bow? How about the best bow for beginners?

Archery is one of the best sports in the world, but especially for beginners it can take a while to get up to speed.

What bow should you get? A recurve or a compound bow? Or perhaps a more traditional longbow? And what draw length and weight should you choose?

Here are some of the most popular bow types:

Tigershark Recurve Bow Review
Takedown Recurve Bows

Recurve bows are an excellent choice for beginner and advanced archers. Great for target shooting, competitions and the only type of bow allowed in the Olympics.

how to shoot a compound bow
Compound Bows

Compound bows are widely used in target shooting and hunting. The cam system reduces the effective draw weight and makes for more accurate and powerful shots.

types of bows
Different Types of Bows

Read about different bow types like the recurve, compound and crossbow. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Archery Tips & Advice

When you’re new in the world of archery, there are many things to learn that can make you experience more enjoyable.

Mathews Genesis Compound Bow
How to Measure Your Draw Length

The draw length is how far back you can pull the bowstring and depends primarily upon the length of your arms. Read about how to measure your draw length.

Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow with arrow
Do Not Dry Fire Your Bow – Here Is Why

Dry firing your bow – releasing the string without an arrow – is warned against. Read about why you shouldn’t do this and how it can damage your bow.

bow sight in
How to Sight in a Bow

It takes patience and skill to shoot bull’s eyes. A bow sight will help you accurately hit your target. Read about the process of properly sighting in your bow.

Archery & Bow Hunting Gear

In addition to a good bow, you will need some other archery gear before you set foot on the shooting range. If you like to try out bow hunting, there is some hunting gear you should consider.

archery shooting glove reviews
Archery Shooting Gloves

Best Bow Hunting Backpacks Reviewed
Bow Hunting Backpacks

best hunting ground blind
Bow Hunting Ground Blinds