Excalibur Grizzly 2 Review

This is a review of the  Excalibur Grizzly 2, looking at what makes this powerful, compact crossbow great. 

excalibure g2 cross

One of the greatest challenges while hunting from tree stands with a bow is that deer don’t always get close enough for a shot.  Using a crossbow greatly increases your shooting range allowing you to go after big game.  The Excalibur Grizzly 2 makes this incredibly easy to do.

Over the course of this crossbow review, you’ll come to see why the Excalibur Grizzly 2 is an excellent bow for seasoned hunters.

Excalibur Grizzly 2 Pros and Cons

  • Weatherproof design:  This crossbow is designed with a fiber reinforced frame.  This makes the crossbow usable in any weather condition and super light. 
  • Recurve technology:  The crossbow delivers shot speeds up to 305 fps thanks to its recurve technology.  This means harder hitting shots and greater accuracy.  
  • Rope cocking aid: The cocking aid allows you to load and unload the crossbow safely.  It reduces the pull weight by 50 percent making it very manageable.  
  •  Can’t adjust the magnification: The package includes a fixed power scope, which means that you cannot adjust the magnification.  However, the set magnification is great in that you never have to adjust it in the field.  
  • Limited arrows and quiver: The crossbow package only comes with 3 arrows and a 4 arrow quiver, so you’ll have to purchase an additional arrow if you want to go bow hunting with a full quiver.

Who Should Buy The Excalibur Grizzly 2?

The Excalibur Grizzly 2 crossbow is an excellent hunting crossbow.  Thanks to its feather lite skeletonized stock, compact design, and quality design it is an accurate crossbow out of the box.  

This crossbow would be an excellent first crossbow due to its ease of use, so is a great option for someone who is looking to start out with crossbow shooting.

It’s beginner-friendly design makes it a great option for novices, whether they want to use it for target shooting or for hunting purposes..    

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Features of the Excalibur Matrix Grizzly Crossbow

Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the stand-out features of the Excalibur Matrix Grizzly 2. 

Rope Cocking Device

A major downside to many modern crossbows is that they have to be fired in order for you to unload them.  The Matrix Grizzly solves this problem by allowing you to use the rope aid for both loading and unloading.  

The recurve crossbow is not equipped with an anti dry fire mechanism like other crossbows, however it does have a manual safety.  This reduces the likelihood of an unintentional shot.  

While a lack of an anti dry fire system may appear to be a negative, I personally find it to be a plus.  Sometimes it is not easy to make a shot to unload, depending on where you are hunting.   This solves that problem.       

Fixed Power Scope

As mentioned earlier in the article, I see the fixed power scope as an absolute benefit.  I cannot tell you how many times, while hunting, I have been on the wrong power when the time comes to take a shot.

The fixed power scope resolves the issue by giving you one power.  I found it more than enough to shoot the distances I was comfortable with.  The scope is clear with an easy to use reticle.  

Diablo Arrows 

The kit that comes with the matrix line offers three diablo arrows with 150 grain field points.  These arrows are very durable considering the heavy draw weights of the crossbow.    

While you will have to purchase broadheads if you want to hunt large game, these field points offer a great practice tool.  Each arrow shoots fast, whether from a tree stand or at the practice range.

Skeletonized Stock 

Many crossbows made today are simply too heavy.  The Excalibur Grizzly 2 weighs in at 5.5 pounds which is very comfortable in the hands.  This lightweight design is due in part to the skeletonized stock.  

Modeling the stock this way reduces a lot of the extra weight that other crossbows have.  Even with a lighter weight, it is very comfortable to hold.  It means that a smaller sized hunter will not be burdened come hunting season.  

This does not affect the recurve design as far as quality goes which should be comforting to people who hunt in rugged conditions.       

Matrix Power Load Limbs

The uncomplicated recurve design is based on the matrix power load limbs.  These quality limbs offer an easy cocking effort while also delivering the power stroke needed to get the arrow down range quickly.

While many companies are trying to make smaller limbs, I find this to be a great feature as long as space is not an issue when you are hunting.  

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What are others saying about the Excalibur Crossbows?

Many crossbow shooters are looking for a first bow that can be picked up and used at a moment’s notice, without the extra cost that many crossbows carry today.  If you scour the internet, you will see that many of them turn to the Excalibur Grizzly 2.   

Reddit user Aug3r69 was showing off the groups at 20 yards with the Excalibur Grizzly.  It was actually being too effective, sparking a debate about a new target to handle the power of the crossbow.  

Another reddit user was commenting on the value of the crossbow and stated in this forum:

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Excalibur Grizzly Alternatives

The Excalibur Grizzly 2 is one of my favorite traditional crossbows for hunting use.  However, there are other models on the market worth a look.  Let’s take a moment and compare the Excalibur Grizzly 2 to another excellent crossbow, the Excalibur Micro Suppressor. 

Excalibur Grizzly 2 vs Excalibur Micro Suppressor Crossbow


Both of these crossbows are made by the same company.  That means you are receiving the same quality of service and the same build quality from each.  However, each crossbow takes a different approach to give you this quality.  

The Excalibur Micro Suppressor is much faster than the Excalibur Grizzly 2, thanks to the limb design.  This does make the Micro more difficult to cock.  You will absolutely need a rope cocker or a crank.  This is common in these more parallel limb setups.  

This does make the Excalibur Micro Suppressor better for tight quarters such as in hunting situations.  However, for younger shooters it may be a bit much.

The Excalibur Grizzly 2 shines when it comes to being able to decock the crossbow.  Because of the technology used, you will have to fire the Excalibur Micro Suppressor in order to uncock it.  And I would recommend you do so before you travel with it.  

The Excalibur Micro Suppressor does sound a little different when being fired.  It is difficult to use noise suppression when you utilize the limbs that this crossbow uses.  

Overall either would be a great purchase depending on your needs and goals for your crossbow usage.  If you are looking for light weight and reliable, then the Excalibur Grizzly 2 is the ideal crossbow for you.  If, however, speed is your goal, then the Excalibur Micro Suppressor should be your crossbow of choice between the two.    


The Excalibur Grizzly 2 is an excellent crossbow modeled after the more traditional design. This makes it easy to use, especially for younger shooters.  I find it to be a very affordable hunting crossbow with a reasonable draw weight.  

Thanks to the skeletonized frame, it is light while also durable in all weather conditions.  I wouldn’t hesitate to take the Excalibur crossbow out even if the weather gets bad! 

Whether you are just starting out shooting or have been crossbow shooting for some time, the Excalibur Grizzly 2 is an excellent choice for any shooter. Click here to get the latest price for this brilliant beginners bow. 

Hopefully this Excalibur Grizzly 2 review has demonstrated the qualities of this bow.  Archers who shop for this bow will not be disappointed.

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2 thoughts on “Excalibur Grizzly 2 Review”

  1. I have now been hunting for four years with this crossbow and was successful in harvesting three bucks and two does, my average distance was 30 yds. and the animal did not go 50 yds..
    Never had an issue but upgraded the scope for a lighted one.

  2. I purchased a Griz2 about 5 years ago Id say. From Ontario but went to N.S. to hunt and while there my scope had a mishap…Called where I bought it and they directed me to excalibur …and it took maybe 10 minutes and I had a new scope coming and I needed to send my old one to Kitchener Ontario and DONE. Got to say I’m impressed with the service and warrantee.


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