Predator Archery Raptor Compound Bow Review

raptor compound hunting bow review

This article is a full review of the Predator Archery Raptor Compound Bow.

Choosing a bow for target shooting or hunting is a very personal experience that you want to make sure and get it right.  If you are on that journey right now, take a look at what I believe is a great compound bow out of the box. 

The Predator Archery Raptor Compound Bow Package delivers a complete assortment of gear.    

I enjoy the fact that there are no plastic components on the cam system giving it durability and speed.  They are fully machined aluminum.  I also appreciated the included accessories, especially the sight system.       

In this Predator Archery Raptor Compound Bow review, you will learn about the complete package that this bow offers and who it is right for. 

Keep reading to learn about all the features and benefits this package provides. 

Raptor Compound Hunting Bow Pros And Cons

  • Complete compound bow package right out of the box. This bow has 6 included accessories that get you from purchase to bow hunting much quicker than most.
  • Multiple levels of adjustments means this compound bow is great for growing youth.
  • At only 3 lbs weight, the Raptor Compound Bow is easy to carry and shoot for long sessions thanks to intentional design features.
  • Hunters and recreational archers will appreciate the high let off. This is the amount of weight that is reduced when coming to full draw. At 75% let off, this is one of the lightest bows in draw weight on the market.
  • With a split yoke tuning system, you can adjust the bow limbs to fit your specific shooting needs.
  • At 3.6 lbs it is not the lightest compound bow on the market, although it is on the lighter side at this price range.
  • Some users will want to put different accessories on the bow. This is not a problem as the accessories do not come installed and will need to be put on before shooting.

Who Should Buy The Raptor Compound Bow

The Raptor Compound hunting bow is great for the beginner hunter who is looking to make one purchase and get a quality bow and accessories.  

Younger shooters will also enjoy the fact that the bow can be adjusted from 24 to 31 inch draw length and a draw weight between 30 and 70 pounds.  

While geared toward bow hunting, this bow would also make a great beginner target shooting bow.  With the ability to change accessories down the road, shooters can make it fit their specific needs.    

Features of the Raptor Compound Bow

The Raptor Compound Bow contains many features that set it apart from other bows.  

Outstanding Quality

predator raptor compound bow

The Raptor Compound Bow has been designed to be tuned to the specific shooter.  This is thanks to the adjustable draw length, draw weight, and the split yoke tuning system.  

Adjustable Draw Length

The Raptor includes the ability to adjust the draw length from 24 to 31 inches without a bow press.  This means that anyone with the included allen wrench tool set can lengthen the draw length of the bow.  This is important for younger shooters who may grow quickly in their teenage years.

This is also ideal if you are planning to use this bow with multiple shooters of different sizes.  They will be able to adjust it to their exact size.

Various Draw Weights

The draw weight on this bow can be adjusted from 30 pounds to 70 pounds.  In the United States, 40 pounds is the minimum accepted draw weight for killing whitetail deer.  With this level of adjustment, you can practice with a lighter weight and then tune the bow up during hunting season. Simply use the included allen wrenches.  

This also helps if multiple people are shooting the bow.  However, you will want to be careful with this as drastically changing the draw weight will affect the sights on the bow. 

Split Yoke Tuning System

The split yoke tuning system ensures that the bow string will always be properly aligned.  Because a bow string is under such tension, it can be very dangerous if something takes it off track.  The split yoke system ensures that this is not the case.  You can fine tune the string path to fit your proper draw length and draw weight.  

When in doubt, it is always good to take a bow, especially if you are a new shooter, to a bowsmith and have them tune it for you.  This will give you the confidence needed to use the bow time and time again without worry of injury.   

Included Allen Wrench Tool Kit

The Raptor Compound Bow Package comes with an allen tool kit included.  This ensures you will have the appropriate tools needed to set up your bow and your accessories. 

Over time you will need to check all of the screws to ensure they are still tight.  A little variation in these can lead to issues with accuracy.  I recommend keeping this kit with the bow at all times and only using it for that purpose.     

Peep Sight and D Loop Pre Installed

A peep sight is how you align your bow with your sights.  It is a circle that is placed on your string.  Most bows in this price range include peep sights but do not install them.  This means you have to either do it yourself or take it to a bowsmith to have it installed. 

The Raptor solves this problem by installing it from the factory.  It also includes the guide rubber string to keep it straight when you come to full draw.  Take it from me, you do not want your peep sight to be off alignment at a critical moment in your hunt.  

The Raptor also includes a D loop installed.  This is a section of string around where you will nock your arrow.  This is where you will attach your release to the bow and give you a consistent point each time you shoot.  Not all bows in this range include the D loop or if they do, they are not installed. 

They are easy to install improperly, so it is a great benefit that it also comes ready to go on your bow.    

Bow Weight

The Raptor Compound hunting bow weighs in at 3.6 pounds which while it is not the lightest bow, it is a comfortable weight. What most people don’t realize is that you do want a little bit of weight with your bow.

If it is too light, you will tend to shake too badly and throw your shot off. But the Raptor is a happy medium delivering a comfortable feel while also providing stability. 

Bow Speed

This bow also produces a speed of 315 feet per second at the highest poundage.  This translates to a more accurate bow.  The faster the arrow is traveling, the tighter the groups will be.  This will not only increase your accuracy on paper but will translate into better shots if you are using it as your hunting bow. 

This high speed exceeds the recommended fps for any mid-sized game in North America making it the one hunting bow you need for mid size and smaller game. 

A Complete Accessory Package

raptor compound hunting bow package

Out of the box, the Raptor Hunting bow includes six accessories guaranteed to fit your bow.  Each of these have been selected to provide a great hunting experience or target shooting experience.  Few bow packages give you the quality gear found with this bow.  

With this package, you will get:

  • A 5 pin sight that includes a light and level.  This will help you canting your bow which can reduce accuracy.  The light will allow you to better see the bow sights early morning and late at evening leading to better shots.   
  • A whisker biscuit rest by Truglo EZ arrow rest.  These rests are great for hunters who need their shots to be quiet and want to keep the arrow on the bow.  
  • A four arrow quiver to carry your arrows to the range or the stand.  You do not want to run out during a hunting trip.  This quiver can attach or detach to fit your particular needs.  
  • A stabilizer to increase accuracy and reduce noise.  Accuracy is key when it comes to bowhunting or target shooting.  
  • A string stop to reduce the noise of the string after each shot as well as reduce felt vibration.
  • A peep sight and D loop system already installed. This will give you consistent shots each and every time you start practicing or head to the woods.

Multiple Color Options

The Raptor comes in two bow colors, G3 Camo or black. These two color options will give you the perfect option either for the woods or for target practice.    

Right And Left Hand Options

The Raptor bow has an option for either right handed shooters or left handed shooters.  If you are left handed, you will especially appreciate this option. More companies are making bows for left handed shooters, but with this being such a good beginner bow, it is great that they chose to do so.

What Users Are Saying

While what you have read comes from my experience and from the manufacturer information, I wanted to give you a couple outside opinions.  

One of the popular websites that sells this bow has over 300 positive reviews. Reviewers say that this package is one of the best compound bows for beginners on the market. Others claim that it is a very adjustable bow perfect for beginner archers. 

On Reddit, user /SheriffBartholomew was looking for a good compound bow under $400. Here is what another user said:

Overall, this is an outstanding bow that many people have enjoyed thanks to its great features and affordable price.

Raptor Compound Bow Alternatives

One of the biggest competitors to this bow is the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Compound Bow. Let’s look at the major differences in the two models. 

Predator Raptor Compound Bow vs Bear Archery Cruzer G2

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Compound Bow

Both of these bows have the option to select a camo pattern which is ideal for hunting purposes. 

The Bear Archery Cruzer has the ability to adjust more at the lower range with its 5-70 lb draw weight. It also adjusts lower on the draw length but the Raptor Compound Bow can adjust 1 inch longer for those shooters who have longer arms. 

The Bear Cruzer is half a pound lighter than the Raptor which will make it easier to hold over time. This may affect accuracy a bit, but that will be specific to each shooter. 

I find the grip to be more comfortable on the Raptor bow thanks to the rubber at the palm although it is only noticed after a long time on the range with the Cruzer. 

Overall, either of the bows would make an excellent addition to any hunter or target shooter.


In summary, if you are looking for a comfortable, complete bow package then the Predator Raptor Compound Bow Package is a great choice. Whether you are a first time hunter or target shooter, you will have what you need. All you have to do is purchase some arrows and a release and you are ready to go shooting.

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