ArcheryStreet Acquires

ArcheryStreet have announced today the acquisition of .

The English Warbow Society was formed on May 23rd 2008 and dedicated to dedicated to those who practice the skills and techniques required to shoot the military English longbow.

The aim of the English Warbow Society was:
•   To promote and perpetuate the shooting and heritage of the English warbow.
•   To encourage wider participation in the shooting of the warbow
•   To encourage war bowyery, stringing and fletching
•   To increase our understanding of the weapon and its use

ArcheryStreet is dedicated to helping beginners in the world of archery with the best tips, advice and bow and gear reviews to have a great archery experience, whether on the range or in the fields. ArcheryStreet believes that traditional forms of archery, like shooting the English longbow, should be preserved.

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