TenPoint Nitro X Review (2024)

This is a Ten Point Nitro X Review which will look at this powerful, compact crossbow. 

tenpoint nitro x crossbow

In 2019, I injured my leg and could not shoot a traditional bow for 2 years as I recovered.  As a result, the crossbow became my avenue for hunting. This crossbow makes hunting easier for those facing limitations.

Over the course of this crossbow review, you will come to see why the TenPoint Nitro X is an excellent hunting crossbow.

TenPoint Nitro X Pros and Cons

  • Narrow width:  This crossbow is designed with new technology that allows it to deliver in a small package.  This crossbow is great for tight quarters thanks to the limb design. 
  • High fps shot:  The crossbow can deliver a 440 fps bolt to the target.  This is more than enough to take most game in North America.  It also gives an accuracy that is rarely matched by its competition.    
  • Adjustable stock: The stock of the crossbow can be adjusted to fit a variety of shooters and shooting conditions.  This means that with the one crossbow, several people can get the perfect fit with just a few adjustments.  
  • Heavy: At 7.8 lbs the crossbow is a little on the heavy side.  However, due to the design this is not felt.  In fact, it may add to the accuracy of the crossbow.  
  • Cocking takes practice: Most crossbows are difficult to cock, especially for newer shooters.  This crossbow is not unreasonably difficult but will take some practice.  Or you can purchase a cocking device to aid in the action.    

Who Should Buy The TenPoint Nitro?

The TenPoint Nitro X crossbow is an excellent hunting crossbow.  Thanks to its size, adjustability, and adaptive features it is an accurate crossbow out of the box.  

Furthermore, it is perfect for someone hunting in tight quarters such as a tree stand or shooting from a blind.  While you can purchase large blinds, most of them offer just enough room for a person, maybe two to sit in.  

It can be difficult to maneuver in these situations unless you are shooting a crossbow such as this one. So if you’re a hunter who likes to shoot like this then the TenPoint Nitro is for you!

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Features of the TenPoint Nitro

Slingshot Technology

The TenPoint Nitro X utilizes a spiral cable groove setup to make its slingshot technology.  This system creates extra fps by using four cables instead of the standard two.  

This is also what allows for the crossbow’s narrow dimensions.  Since it is designed to shoot harder, you can sacrifice some of the width that other bows need to get the same fps.    

Reverse Draw System

The riser of the crossbow is placed in the middle of the bow instead of in the front like most crossbows.  This is TenPoint’s reverse draw design and gives it incredible balance.  In fact, it is one of the few crossbows that can be fired with just one hand while maintaining accuracy.  

Another benefit of this system is the noise reduction it provides.  When hunting from the ground, you need every advantage.  While noise does not translate to being accurate, it certainly doesn’t hurt.   

Integrated Dry Fire Technology 

It is very dangerous to shoot a crossbow without a bolt on it.  The Nitro solves this problem with its dry fire block, which does not allow you to pull the trigger unless a bolt is loaded.  

This will single handedly protect you from accidentally destroying your crossbow.  It may also save you from potential harm, as these limbs are under a great deal of tension.    

Elite Package 

The crossbow comes complete with the following good quality accessories: rangemaster pro scope, acudraw pro cocking device, a 3 arrow instant detach quiver, ambidextrous quiver bracket mount, six evo-x centerpunch bolts, and a case.  

This package will allow you to start shooting the crossbow right out of the box.  Having to purchase these items individually would greatly increase your cost.  

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What are others saying about the Tenpoint Nitro X  crossbow?

Many hunting websites have done reviews of this revolutionary technology.  All of the hunters and shooters note the delight in shooting this crossbow.  Many use it to take animals of their own.  Below is one such review.  

Hunter Wade Middleton takes the TenPoint Nitro X out on a hunt:

You can see from the video that he uses the crossbow in a blind.  Because of the cramped spaces within such settings, it is very important to have a compact crossbow.  

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TenPoint Nitro X Alternatives

The Tenpoint Nitro X may just be one of the most compact crossbows ideal for hunting.  That being said, there are other options out on the market.  Let’s take just a moment and look at one of those options, the Ravin R20 Crossbow package.  

TenPoint Nitro X vs Ravin R20 Crossbow

ravin r20 crossbow

The Ravin R20 Crossbow shares similar technology to the TenPoint Nitro.  It is of similar width.  It has been made for compact shooting in tight circumstances.  

The Ravin R20 is a bit lighter at 6.5 lbs.  However, this doesn’t always  mean better.  While it is lighter and easier to carry, it will decrease the ability to shoot the crossbow free handed.    

While there are a lot of similarities, they do shoot differently.  Let’s note a few of those different shooting options.  

A major difference is that the TenPoint Nitro has a more balanced feel, due to its limb design.  The limbs are more centered on the crossbow which gives it a smoother shot.  

The scope is slightly better on the Ravin R20 as it is a 100 yard illuminated scope.  However, either crossbow can be equipped with an aftermarket scope to increase accuracy.  

The Nitro comes with a fully adjustable stock making it ideal for various shooters or people who expect a more custom construction.  

The Ravin is usually more expensive than the TenPoint Nitro.  While money is relative, those who purchase either of these crossbows will not be disappointed.  


The TenPoint Nitro is an excellent crossbow with a full set of features.  It offers exactly what you would want, ability wise for hunting game.  Those interested in a short axle crossbow with enough draw weight to take down larger game, should purchase this crossbow.  

Thanks to the complete package that this crossbow comes with, shooters will have everything they need out of the box to start shooting.  They may want to consider purchasing additional broadheads that are specific to your desired hunt.  Recommendations can be found in the user manual.  

One of the biggest benefits of this crossbow is that it gives access to the sport not only to the avid hunter but also the young.  With the ability to shoot accurately with minimal sound, youth will greatly appreciate this crossbow.  

Hopefully this TenPoint Nitro X review has demonstrated the qualities of this bow.  Archers who shop for this bow will not be disappointed.

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