PSE Thrive 400 Review (2024)

pse thrive 400

This is a PSE Thrive 400 Review which will look at this powerful, compact crossbow. 

Crossbow shooting combines the fun of archery with the precision of a scoped rifle. The PSE Thrive 400 offers the best of both worlds in a complete package. I have enjoyed getting to know this crossbow and trying it out.  

Over the course of this crossbow review, you’ll come to see why the PSE Thrive 400 is an excellent hunting crossbow.

PSE Thrive 400 Pros and Cons

  • Narrow width:  Because of the reverse cam technology, this crossbow fits a lot of power into a very small space. This is very helpful for hunting situations where space is limited.  
  • High FPS shot:  The crossbow can deliver 400 fps of kinetic energy. This is more than enough to take most game in North America.  It also gives an accuracy that is rarely matched by its competition thanks to its impressive draw weight and power stroke.    
  • CNC precision barrel: The slot where the bolt or arrow goes has been designed to increase accuracy and reduce noise. It also offers more consistency each time the crossbow is shot by increasing the axle to axle length.     
  • At 6.5 lbs the crossbow is a little on the heavy side. However, due to the design this is not felt.  In fact, it may add to the accuracy of the crossbow.  
  • The crossbow will have to be fired to decock. However, the crossbow comes with a decocking bolt to safely aid in this process. This is common with most crossbows designed today.

Who Should Buy The PSE Thrive 400?

The PSE Thrive 400 crossbow is an excellent hunting crossbow. Thanks to its size, adjustability, and adaptive features, the thrive crossbow platform is accurate right out of the box. It would fit anyone big enough to hold it and safely pull the trigger.    

Further, it is perfect for someone who wants a reliable simple to use crossbow. Many companies put too many bells and whistles on a product which detract from its primary purpose. This is not the case with the PSE Thrive 400. It is simple and easy to use offering a manageable draw weight.      

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Features of the PSE Thrive 400

Reverse Cam Technology

The PSE Thrive 400 comes with reverse cam technology which allows for more fps. It lengthens the distance the string travels allowing more power behind each shot. It also allows the crossbow to be longer instead of wider which will make it easier to handle in tighter spaces.  

This does make it a little harder to cock, however, once users practice this the difference will hardly be noticeable. It does come with a cocking aid which is necessary to use. Users can purchase other hand cranks to make the process even easier.     

Illuminated Scope

The scope that comes on this crossbow is quite good. It is a 4×32 illuminated scope and the  reticle can be changed to green or red depending on your preference. Some people see either color better which makes this a great tool to customize your experience.  

There are also 5 different color brightness settings. This is vital while bow hunting in various light settings; depending on the time of day, some settings will be better than others.   

Anti Dry Fire

It is very dangerous to shoot a crossbow without a bolt on it. This is impossible with the PSE Thrive 400, however – as its dry fire block does not allow you to pull the trigger unless a bolt is loaded.  

This will protect you from accidentally destroying your crossbow, and may also save you from potential harm as these limbs are under a great deal of tension.    

Upgraded Accessory Package

Overall, between the scope, anti-dry fire technology, and the included accessories, the PSE Thrive 400 offers a package that others simply cannot compete with.  The power stroke thanks to the axle to axle length means you can rely on this crossbow no matter the target.  

It truly offers unbelievable performance in an affordable package.  One of my favorite features is the rubberized cheek rest which makes it more comfortable and improves accuracy.    

It also comes with bolts, allowing you to start shooting right out of the box.  Usually you would have to purchase these separately.  

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What Are Others Saying about the Pse Thrive 400  Crossbow?

On one popular website, the PSE Thrive 400 has over 200 reviews, the vast majority of which are extremely positive.  Users comment on the accuracy and ease of use. Others like how it is compact and comfortable thanks to the cheek rest and other technology that has been put into place.  

Another user in particular noted that this crossbow was quiet and easier to shoot than other crossbows in similar price point. This is particularly helpful when considering a crossbow for hunting purposes.  

Sometimes followup shots are necessary.  This is difficult with a crossbow under normal circumstances. But if the animals are not spooked, then it is sometimes possible to get that much-needed second shot off. This becomes more of a possibility with the Thrive.


The PSE Thrive Crossbow Platform offers unbelievable performance for hunters.  With the upgraded accessory package, this crossbow delivers enough kinetic energy to take down most game in North America.   

Thanks to the complete package that this crossbow comes with, shooters will have everything they need out of the box to start shooting. However, you may want to consider purchasing additional broadheads that are specific to your desired hunt.

One of the biggest benefits of this crossbow is that the draw weight is manageable while also providing the needed speed. Because of this, the draw weight does what it needs to without getting in the way.  

Crossbow technology keeps improving, allowing more and more people to get into archery and hunting. 

Hopefully this PSE Thrive 400 review has demonstrated the qualities of this crossbow; if you decide to give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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