PSE Razorback Recurve Bow Review

This is a review of the PSE Archery Razorback Traditional Takedown Recurve Shooting Bow. 

pse razorback

Archery has been a part of my family for over 30 years now.  While I enjoy many different forms, shooting a traditional recurve bow is my favorite.

The PSE Razorback Recurve Bow offers a traditional bow experience in a modern package.  The light bow weight will make it a joy to shoot on the range.  

Users will greatly appreciate the no tools takedown system for setting the bow up and taking it down. All together this is an accurate bow with an easy draw that combines for an enjoyable shooting experience. 

Over the course of this bow review, you will come to see why the PSE Razorback is a great choice as a starter bow.

PSE Razorback Takedown Recurve Bow Pros and Cons

  • No tool limb takedown setup: The PSE Razorback connects the limbs to the riser with self screwing bolts. This means you can replace the limbs yourself by simply turning the screws by hand. You don’t have to look for an odd sized allen wrench.
  • Lightweight bow: at only 2.8 lbs this bow is easy to shoot on the range without it feeling heavy.
  • Light draw weight: The bow is very easy to shoot thanks to the lighter draw weight selection of the bow.
  • The bow is not suitable for hunting due to the 30 lb. draw weight. However, this does make the bow ideal for target shooting and new shooters.
  • Because of the lighter draw weight, the bow’s effective range is really 30 yards. This is perfect for most shooters, but for those who want to extend their range they will want a bow with more poundage.

Who Should Buy The PSE Razorback Recurve Bow?

The PSE Razorback Takedown Recurve Bow is ideal for new shooters.  Young shooters and small frame women will also enjoy this shooting setup.  

This bow is rightly classified as a beginner bow and is hard to beat in its price range.  

It would also be an ideal bow for children or women who are looking to get into archery for the first time.    

Features and Benefits of the PSE Razorback Bow

No tool takedown 

If you have never spent time with bows, you may not appreciate just how beneficial a no tool takedown setup is.  Adjustments will be a necessary part of using any tool.  

You should always check your bow to see that everything is in its place and is in top shape each time you take it shooting or hunting.  

The PSE Razorback fits perfectly in this category by allowing you to simply tighten the limb bolts by hand.  

Pre drilled accessory holes on the PSE Razorback 

There are different ways to shoot recurve bows.  

You can shoot barebow or what is known as traditional shooting.  Or if it is available, you can put on modern accessories such as an arrow rest, target sights, silencers, and stabilizers. 

The Razorback allows for this with pre-drilled holes.  You can add as many or as few of the accessories that you would like to use.  

PSE Razorback Takedown Recurve Bow Grip 

The shape of the grip on the PSE Razorback is something that the engineers got right.  This bow feels comfortable in the hand and that is thanks mostly to no sharp edges. 

The more that you shoot in a session, the more that you will appreciate this intentional design feature.  

Includes a Dracon 12 strand string 

The bow string will have a major impact on felt vibration, accuracy of the bow, and the noise that it produces.  

Thanks to the lighter draw weight of the bow, it is able to use a Dracon 12 strand string.  This string will allow for a softer feel and a much more enjoyable shooting experience vs a string with more strands.  

At 62 inches in total length the bow is very comfortable to shoot

This bow has been designed for comfort.  I have mentioned this a few times but the specifications of the bow and the details that went into it simply make it an enjoyable bow to shoot.  

Target practice is not a chore thanks to all of the options that went into making this bow.  

Lightweight design: 

One of the reasons this bow is so fun to shoot and ideal for younger shooters or women is the lightweight design.  This bow type can get quite heavy and does from other manufacturers.  

However, thanks to the wood type of this bow, it is one of the lighter ones in its price range. 

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What are others saying about this bow?

I have sought the opinion of others from the internet before giving you this bow recommendation.  It is one thing to trust my opinion, but it is far better to get the opinion of others as well.  Here is what I found:

Reddit user Matronix was looking for a bow for his daughter and was asking for a bow review of the PSE Razorback. This led nusensei to recommend the PSE Razorback as a comparable bow to others in that range based on build and cost. 

In another thread, nusensei recommends the PSE Razorback along with a host of other comparable bows in this range. He says:

Other customer reviews from a different web search say that the craftsmanship really sets this bow apart.  It is easy to shoot and a joy to take to the range.  

People claimed it is a great model to get into archery with for adults and kids.  For others who gave positive reviews they stated that the product was also built in the United States. 

One user stated that his son wanted to get started in archery after seeing other archers at his school. This model was the bow being used and what he wanted to learn with. 

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PSE Razorback Alternatives

samick sage

PSE Razorback vs Samick Sage

The Samick Sage is a major competitor to the PSE Razorback.  This is also a beginner bow that has been on the market for some time.  

People preferred the different draw weights of the Samick Sage as it offered heavier choices than the PSE Razorback.  

Others preferred the black limbs of the Samick Sage over the white limbs of the Razorback, although this is quite the subjective comparison point.  

Overall either bow would be a great choice for a beginner archer who is looking to start their shooting career. 


The PSE Razorback is an excellent takedown recurve bow thanks to its lightweight design and smooth draw.  This allows the shooter to spend more time shooting.  The max draw weight is set so that anyone can pick up this bow and start shooting. 

The bow has a very beautiful design and smooth edges which means that not only does it look good, it is also enjoyable to shoot

Thanks to the customizable design of this bow, you can create a setup that is entirely unique to you and your shooting situation.

This sets this bow apart from many in its category that only allow you to shoot truly traditional style without sights and off the shelf.

Check out the PSE Razorback for yourself and pick one up today.

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