When is Hunting Season? – For Each US State

when is hunting seasonHunting is regulated for obvious reasons.

Not knowing when hunting seasons open can cause you to miss out on a lot fun with fellow hunters. Even worse, you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law and pay a hefty price.

Besides, you want to be able to plan ahead of time. Different weapons are allowed at different times so you should be able to get your equipment in order. There are also different set seasons for different animal species. Be sure not to get things mixed up.

Hunting Seasons by State, 2019-2020

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What Is a Hunting Season?

Hunting season is the period in which hunting a certain animal species is legal. As with many other things, hunting seasons vary by state.

The dates indicated are general. States have divided hunting areas into zones. In some zones, the seasons are closed earlier or later than in others. You may want to confirm your zone dates. Be sure to visit the state website links for more species that you can hunt, bag limits and exact dates.