How To Get Your Hunting License – For Each US State

how to get your hunting license in each stateMany people are intimidated by the idea of getting a hunting license. For the average joe, matters of law are better left to legal professionals. Usually, procedures involving the law are tedious, expensive and the paperwork is crazy.

However, getting a hunting permit is fairly easy, no matter where you live- you will be surprised.

The exact process differs from country to country and state to state. But the basics are the same.

Requirements by State

Check out the different requirements by clicking on your state.

In every state, you must take the hunter education course offered by that particular state before you can get a license.

You should also expect to pay extra fees for big game and some other animals.

What Exactly Is a Hunting License?

It is some sort of documentation—a certificate or card—that allows you to hunt certain animals during specific seasons. This is necessary because weapons are involved and things can go wrong very quickly. The license proves that you have taken and completed a Hunting course.

Military Personnel

The privilege offered to active duty military personnel is not really a special license (in most states) but the ability to either buy a regular resident license or permission to hunt without one. All the information is found on the websites so just make sure you confirm to avoid confusion.

Cost of a Hunting License

Once you have the necessary certification, apply for the right type of license either through the official website or an approved vendor. All states have different types of hunting licenses for different groups of people.

The cost of a hunting license ranges from $10 to $40 for residents and $15 to $183 for non-residents. The cheapest state to hunt in is Montana while the most expensive state is Washington. Understand that other fees and permits may be required, especially for big game hunting.