Genesis Original Compound Bow Review

genesis original compound bow review

The Genesis Original compound bow has enjoyed its fair share of popularity. In a market with so many competitors, it takes impeccable features to stand out.

The bow has been manufactured purposely for younger archers and the National Archery in Schools Program has made this the official bow. This is not to say that adults cannot use it. The Genesis Original is great and highly recommended for adult beginners as well.

If you have been looking for the best compound bow for a young archer in your life (or you just want one for yourself), then you are looking at a great option.

This compound bow is a product of Genesis Archery which is a subsidiary (sister company) of Mathews Archery. Mathews Archery is a veteran company that deals with archery equipment. They have been doing this for decades. In 1992, they invented the single cam technology and consequently, Genesis was born.

Genesis is dedicated to producing bows for the youth. The first Genesis bow had zero let-off, a feature that favors young archers because they do not have to adjust the draw length before shooting. Genesis aims at making archery more fun for kids, boosting their confidence from the moment they pick up a bow.

The Mathews Genesis Original compound bow comes laden with amazing features. Everything about it appeals to children and is meant to motivate them as they take up this awesome activity.

The weight is favorable and the colors are bright and fun. It has no restrictions when it comes to draw lengths. It is fairly affordable and there is a complete package option. This right here is the best entry bow for anyone.

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So, what separates the Genesis Original compound bow from other bows out there? Is it really as great as it looks? You are about to find out.

Features and Specifications of the Genesis Original Compound Bow

  • Features the single-cam technology
  • Sturdy, well-made limbs
  • Riser and cam are made of aluminum
  • Many color options: black, blue, camo, carbon, green, orange, pink, yellow, white camo, red, purple and pink camo
  • The kit option comes with a quiver, 5 arrows, arm guard, manual and hex wrench
  • Draw weight is adjustable 10 lbs to 20 lbs
  • 0% let-off
  • Covers draw length 15” to 30”
  • Axle-to-axle length: 35”
  • Available for both left-handed and right-handed archers
  • Perfect for kids and beginners
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • Weighs 3.5 lbs
  • Features an integrated arrow rest
  • Has drilled bushings for mounting accessories
  • Comes fully assembled out of the box

Closer Look at the Features and Specifications

genesis original bow single cam

The Genesis Original compound bow is available in so many colors. Usually, bows are black or camouflage. It is not every day that you come across colorful bows. The Genesis Original is meant mainly for kids and they love colors. With so many colors available, your young one will definitely find one that they like. This helps if your child is indifferent about archery and you are trying to get them to try it. The available colors include black, blue, camo, carbon, green, orange, pink, pink camo, purple, red, white camo and yellow.

This bow features a single cam system. The single cam system is generally simpler compared to the hybrid, binary and twin cam systems. Since there is only one cam, cam synchronization is not necessary. People say that single cam bows have issues with nock travel but the Genesis Original does just fine. Another great thing about the single cam system is that maintenance is easy and they tend to be quieter than the other cam systems.

The riser, cam and idler wheel are made of aluminum. Aluminum is perfectly good material. It is strong and durable. Remember your child cannot outgrow this bow so they will be shooting it for a long time—its durability ensures this. The sturdy composite limbs are heavy-duty too. As long as you take care of this bow, you will not have to buy another one in a very long time. Wax the string from time to time, protect it from the elements and you will enjoy its service.

The draw weight of the Genesis Original is adjustable 10 lbs to 20 lbs. As you can imagine, kids and beginners cannot handle a very high draw weight. When starting out a low poundage bow makes it easier for the archer to shoot and will boost their confidence as they learn. Although the bow comes set to 20 lbs out of the box, the manufacturer has made the adjustment process very simple and they have included an Allen wrench in the package for that. This is a huge plus because there are compound bows that require a pro to do that.

The Genesis Original features a 0% let-off. A compound bow uses pulleys and cams which lighten the load for you while shooting. This means that you bear less weight than you would when shooting with a recurve bow of the same poundage. Nonetheless, with the 0% let-off feature, pulleys and cams do not help you with the weight. When shooting, you bear all the weight. Consequently, you do not have to adjust the bow when a different archer is using it. With the range of draw weights for this bow being very low (10-20 lbs), the lack of let-off is a thoughtful feature.

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This bow covers a wide range of draw lengths, 15” to 30”. Now, although this bow is meant mainly for the kids, this feature is what makes it suitable for all people. The 15” to 30” draw length means that your 6-year old can shoot with the Genesis Original just as well as your 17-year old. If you want you can shoot it too. Nobody in the family will be limited.

The Genesis Original compound bow is available for both left-handed and right-handed archers. The left-handed bow is for those that hold the bow with their right hand and draw the string with their left hand. The right-handed bow is for those that draw the string with the right hand. Many archers will not have a hard time finding the right bow based on their hand orientation but it may be harder for a kid whose left eye is dominant and is right-handed (or one whose right eye is dominant and is left-handed). In this case, some experts recommend choosing a bow based on your eye dominance. So if the left eye is dominant and you are right-handed, get a left-handed bow. To be completely sure, however, try shooting both and see which one suits you best.

The Genesis Original features an arrow rest and bushings for accessories. The arrow rest is basic but it works so it will not be a problem. Many people who opt for a compound bow do not shoot instinctively. If you are one of those archers, the bushings will come in handy. You can install a sight, stabilizer and pretty much any other accessory.

This compound bow comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. The warranty covers any issues with the workmanship. Make sure you handle your bow properly, at least for the first one year, if you want the warranty to stand. Avoid doing anything that will cause defects in the bow such as drilling extra holes and dry firing a bow.

The bow weighs 3.5 lbs. This is neither too heavy nor too light—which is exactly how a bow should be. A very heavy bow has disadvantages and interferes with accuracy just as much as a very light bow.

Package Contents

genesis original compound bow review

The Genesis Original compound bow does not come with any accessories. However, there is a kit option that costs a few more bucks. Not everyone looking to buy the Genesis Original is a complete beginner; some already have the accessories and only want the bow. In that case, they can spare themselves some money and the buy the bow without the kit. The kit option is for those who are complete beginners or those that want the accessories. The kit includes an arm guard (adjustable), 3/16” hex wrench, belt tube quiver, five aluminum arrows and a manual.

It is very thoughtful of the manufacturer to include arrows in the package. Five is a good number and just enough for your kid. However, you will have to go back and buy some more because they will definitely get lost—that is inevitable. The arrows are of standard quality and at least, you will have an idea of what to look for when buying more of them.

Another one of the package contents is an arm guard. It is adjustable to fit different archers. The quality is not the best but it is great for a beginner. There is an upside to this. It will give you something to use as you search and save up for the perfect one—you know, the one you will be using as a pro.

The bow comes with a belt tube quiver. There are so many types of quivers and all of them work just fine. People choose a type based on their preferences and the form of archery they will be undertaking. The belt quiver is fastened to the waist and is suitable for all forms of archery.

Finally, there is a hex wrench. As already mentioned, you can easily adjust the draw weight of the Genesis Original using the hex wrench without the help of a professional. But if you are unsure how to do it, you can have one show you how to do it. Bows can be dangerous and a small defect can put you in hospital, or worse.

Why You Should Buy the Genesis Youth Compound Bow

Mathews Genesis Compound Bow

This is the perfect bow for your kid. The National Archery in Schools Program has made this its official bow for a reason. Genesis Archery made this bow with young archers in mind. The experts have designed each feature and accessory with the aim of making kids as good as they can be in archery. You can be sure that no matter their taste, they will love the Genesis Original and will enjoy every minute of their archery experience.

There are so many colors to choose from. Obviously, this bow is not meant for hunting. In most states, it does not meet the draw weight requirements. That said, archers can choose whichever color they like (in hunting, camouflage colors are preferred). Nobody gets to decide what color your bow should be in target archery or any other form of leisure archery, and Genesis is not limiting your either. With 12 beautiful colors to choose from, go ahead and be as colorful as you want.

It comes assembled out of the box. There are manufacturers that leave the assembling of bows to users. This may not be a big deal with recurve bows but compound bows are way more complicated. You do not want to know what will happen if you make a tiny mistake. The Genesis Origin is assembled for you and you can confidently use it knowing that it is safe. The only thing you have to do is adjust the draw weight and an Allen wrench is provided for that.

There is a kit option. It is a good thing that Genesis Archery has a package option that includes accessories. Some of the people opting for this bow are total newbies. They may not know what extra accessories to buy or what to look for when buying them. If you are a newbie then this kit is exactly what you need. It even includes arrows. Buying arrows is not as simple as you may think. The ones included here are the recommended ones for use with the Genesis Original.

The Genesis original is affordable. Nobody wants to spend a fortune on an entry bow. It is even riskier to spend a lot of money for a kid’s first bow. They are still learning and could damage it very easily. Parents may also worry that their child will get disinterested in archery or compound bows. Since this bow is reasonably priced, you can take that risk with a smile on your face. This is one of the best entry bows under $200.

The draw weight favors kids and beginners and it is adjustable. It has been mentioned that the draw weight is adjustable 10 lbs to 20 lbs. This range is forgiving and suitable for anyone who is looking to try archery for the first time. Besides, the process of adjusting the poundage is anything but complicated, meaning that anyone can do it (except, maybe, kids).

The 0% let-off allows anyone to use it without making adjustments every single time. The let-off feature in compound bows can sometimes be annoying when the bow is shared by more than one archers, especially if they are of different sizes and have different levels of experience. Before each one shoots, the bow has to be adjusted. The Genesis Original is more like a recurve bow and this adjustment is not necessary. Again, the draw weight range offered by this bow is low, which eliminates the need for let-off.

The Genesis Original poses no limitations as far as the draw length is concerned. The draw length is your full draw’s distance. You can, therefore, see how it would be difficult for an adult to share a bow with a kid if the bow caters for a small range of draw lengths. This compound bow, however, allows for anyone with a draw length ranging from 15” to 30” to use the bow comfortably. That is why your child can use this bow even when they are older.

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The Downside of the Mathews Genesis Compound Bow

It does not come with any accessories and you have to choose the option that comes with a kit. It has been mentioned above that the Genesis Original bow is the only thing you get when you buy it. To get additional accessories you have to choose the kit option, which means more money. Some of the competing models offer great accessories without charging extra money. On the upside, you are assured of a quality bow when you buy the Genesis Original.

It is not the best bow for hunting. Most states have strict regulations and standards to be met by hunting equipment. There are not many places that you can hunt with a bow that has a draw weight of less than 40 lbs. That means that the Genesis is automatically disqualified. This is not good news if you were planning to take your son or daughter hunting. You might have to get something acceptable to avoid breaking the law.

The maximum draw weight is 20 lbs for this compound bow. Apart from disqualifying it from hunting, this draw weight may not be of much use when your kid is all grown and experienced. The same applies to beginners choosing this as an entry bow. The more experienced you become, the more draw weight you will be able to pull. At some point, you will need something more advanced. On the bright side, when that happens, this bow can just become part of your collection. You can gift it to someone else or keep it for use when you have an injury or for some reason need a low poundage bow.

What Users Are Saying

This bow was made purposely for kids and so most of the buyers bought it for their kids. There is also feedback from those that bought it for themselves.

The users have commended the manufacturer for making this bow ready to shoot straight out of the box. It has saved them a lot of work, headache and probably a trip to the local store for help with the assembly.

According to customers, the Genesis Original is suitable for the entire family; kids and parents alike. Although the maximum draw weight is 20 lbs, there are those that say it is still powerful even for adult males. The draw weight is also surprisingly “flexible”. Tall adults and short kids can use it without any problem. It is indeed a bow for everyone.

The quality of the Genesis Original has been mentioned across most of the reviews. Just as the manufacturer advises, this bow is solid and you can tell when you hold it. It has been made using quality materials by experts. The colors are also amazing; the customers totally love it. Thanks to the color variety, they are able to let their kids choose the color they want making them feel more involved and interested. Since the bow is accepted by NASP, the kids are shooting and standing out with their gorgeous bows in tournaments.

Newbie archers love the Genesis Original just as much as the kids. It makes the whole process of learning enjoyable and easier. It helps that it is affordable too. There are intermediate archers who bought this bow because they cannot shoot powerful bows due to health issues. These ones are also very much pleased and highly recommend it.

There are barely any negative reviews on the Genesis Original compound bow. The few that you will find are from users who got a faulty bow (hopefully this was an honest mistake by the seller) or those who may not know how to properly use a bow (which caused string derailment). Other than that, the Genesis Original is solid and a ton of users highly recommend it.


When a product has a huge number of reviews and only a few are negative, then you know it is a quality product. Genesis Archery has proved to its customers time and again that they give their all when making these products. The Genesis Original, in particular, is probably one of the best compound bows that you will come across. The quality is top-notch. For the price, it is a winner. It comes in a wide range of colors and almost everyone’s taste is represented. This bow can be used by every family member, regardless of age and experience. You cannot go wrong with the Genesis Original compound bow.

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