Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Camo Compound Bow Review

infinite edge pro

This article is a Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Review.

Growing up, my father was a state finalist archer and avid hunter.  He passed this love of hunting and archery shooting onto his children which we carry on to this day.   

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is an excellent high quality entry level compound bow package.  I found the Infinite Edge Pro is easy to adjust with a clear gauge noting the current poundage of the bow.  I have not found another bow with the same system.

The synchronized binary cam system also allows for an incredibly accurate bow with a smooth draw and an 80 % let off.  Because of this, I felt that the bow would maintain its tuning and not need frequent adjustments.  

In this Diamond Infinite Edge Pro review, you will learn about the easy adjustment system, what comes in the box, and why this product is right for you. 

Keep reading to learn about all the features and benefits this package provides.  

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Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Review: Pros And Cons

  • Easily adjustable poundage is visible and completed by simply turning one of the limb bolts
  • Premium accessories are included with the package providing you with a great value out of the box and saving you time on selecting individual items. These items will have you almost completely ready to shoot as soon as you receive the bow.
  • The bow produces 74.7 ft-lbs of kinetic energy as measured by using ibo speed standards with the bow set at 70 lbs and 30 in. draw using 400 grain arrows. This is more than enough energy to take down game in North America as well as provide an incredibly accurate shooting experience at the range.
  • Peep sight and accessories are included but will have to be installed
  • The bow only comes in a few color options including camo, black, or pink blaze. However, since these are the two most popular bow color choices, either should work for your situation plus the pink blaze is a fun alternative.
  • You will still need to purchase arrows and a bow release to start shooting, but you will have to do this with any bow purchase you make.

Who Should Buy Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

The Diamond Infinite Edge is ideal for both the beginner who is looking for a starter bow to hunt with or try target shooting and for the seasoned bow hunter who is looking for a heavy hitting lightweight bow with great let off.    

One of the reasons that this compound bow is ideal for a wide range of shooters from those interested in target archery shooting to those looking to go bow hunting is the easily adjustable draw weight.  I love that you can see the adjustments you are making and not have to guess what it is tuned to.   

Anyone who is looking for a compound bow would find this model to do what they would want it to as well as offer room for further improvement down the road.     

Features of the Diamond Infinite Edge

The Diamond Infinite Edge contains many features that set it apart from other bows.  

Build Quality

The Infinite Edge has been designed for speed in a lightweight package.  The mossy oak infinity finish on the camo models also speaks to the care that went into the design process.  Many users reported that after hunting with their bow in rough conditions for multiple years, there was little to no signs of wear on the bow. 


The cam design on the Diamond Infinite Edge truly sets it apart.  The cams are a part of a Binary Cam System which combines two identical cams one on the top and one on the bottom.  This creates a smoothness when you draw that is hard to match with other systems.  

The shooter will notice and appreciate the solid draw cycle thanks to this design feature.

Defined Wall

In archery, the back wall is the point at which you cannot draw the string any farther.  Some compound bows have little to no back wall which allows you to overdraw them.  This may sound like a silly feature to include, however, by having a defined wall you are able to draw the same way every time.  This translates into more consistent shots and a greater degree of accuracy.  

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro bow has a very defined wall making it one of the better for consistent shooting.

Grip Design

The grip on the Diamond Infinite Edge pro is rubber allowing for a comfortable hold and minimal hand shock.  This will allow for more time on the range which will in turn lead to better shots when it counts.

Some people find that they need to modify the grip with tape to get it to fit their hand.  This is an unavoidable reality since not everyone is exactly the same.  However, I don’t recommend you try this until after you have experienced the bow as designed.  I am an average size male and had no trouble at all with the grip of this bow.     

One Tool Adjustments

This bow is widely customizable due to its simple Allen wrench adjustment system.  This means you only need one tool to adjust the compound bow to a wide range of archers. This compound bow is truly beginner friendly and perfect for bow hunting thanks to this simple design. 

That doesn’t mean this compound bow won’t be sufficient for hunters or professionals. They too will appreciate the simple design and high quality build. 

Adjustable Draw Length

The draw length, which differs based on the size of the shooter, can adjust from 13 inches to 31 inches.  This range will cover most children all the way up to fully grown men.  

Because of this, you can buy this one bow and have it grow with you over the years, meaning it may be the last compound bow you ever have to purchase.    

Adjustable Draw Weight

The draw weight, which is a measurement of the amount of force required to pull the bow back to full draw, is equally customizable.  The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro can adjust from 5 pounds to 70 pounds of force which is more than enough draw weights for target shooting or hunting.  

As your skills and strength improve, you can easily make a weight adjustment to the bow to make it more accurate and cause it to hit harder.  This translates to better arrow speed and will increase both accuracy and the effective range of the bow.     

Any beginner will appreciate the lighter draw weight for just getting started. With a lot of draw weight adjustment on the upper end, professionals who are looking for a hard hitting arrow to take down your prey will be well served with the 70 pounds of upper end weight.   

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Forgiving Brace Height

With a brace height of 7”, this bow offers the shooter a great combination of speed and forgiveness.  This is combined with an axle to axle length of 31” providing a great middle of the road bow fit for most shooters.  

Bow Weight

Diamond Infinite Edge weighs in at 3.2 pounds classifying it as a lightweight compound bow.  For anyone who has hunted or shot targets for a long time knows, the lighter the bow the longer you can hold it.  This translates to more shooting opportunities.

There are lighter bows on the market, but not many in this price range.  To get a bow even lighter, you will have to spend significantly more money.

Bow Speed

This bow also produces a speed of 310 feet per second at the highest poundage.  This translates to a more accurate compound bow.  The faster the arrow is traveling, the tighter the groups will be.  This will not only increase your accuracy on paper but will translate into better shots if you are using it as your hunting bow. 

Thanks to the 70 pounds of draw weight at the upper end, this speed exceeds the recommended fps for any mid-sized game in North America making it the one hunting compound bow you need for mid size and smaller game. 

Bow Package Contents

Out of the box, the Infinite Edge Pro includes several accessories that will improve your shooting experience made by Octane and Apex who are owned by the parent company of Diamond

With this package, you will get:

  • A Diamond neoprene wrist sling that provides both comfort and a slip free guard for your hand.
  • An Octane Bantam 5 arrow quiver with a silent quick release. This allows you to carry 5 arrows safely and remove the quiver once you get to the stand or to the range without much noise. The oversized lever is a really nice feature making it a one handed process. 
  • An Octane Octogon Brush Arrow Rest to keep your arrows from falling out even when you have to cant the bow to get the right shot. 
  • An Octane Isolate 6 Stabilizer which provides needed counter weight on the front end of the bow. This creates an ideal balance that benefits not only initial shots but allows you to keep the bow steady during those periods in which you have to hold your draw.  
  • An Apex Gear 3 Pin sight. This set gives you three pins for setting various ranges in an easily adjustable setup should you need to fine tune.
  • A Tube Peep Sight and nock loop which help create an ideal nock travel from draw to follow through. 


By registering your Infinite Edge Pro compound bow with Diamond, you will receive a limited lifetime warranty.  However, and this is important to note, this warranty is only valid if you purchase the bow from a local shop and not through any online dealership.  

For questions about the warranty, check out Diamond’s Customer Service Page. 

What Users Are Saying

It is one thing to read a review of a product and then to make a purchase. However, I find that if more than one person likes a product, I am more inclined to trust their review. While I cannot share the hundreds of positive reviews of the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow, I can give you a few user comments from the web.   

Youtuber, The Grit Republic, chose this bow as his first compound bow. His comments about the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro are very positive. He is able after some tuning to get on target with his shots at 20, 30, and 40 yards.   

In the subreddit r/bowhunting, infiniteloop314 was looking for a good beginner bow. His question about the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge led zerofeetpersecond to respond:

In the same thread, elgrantooo also praises the Diamond Infinite Edge adjustability when he says:

User satisfaction for this bow is very high across all searches conducted.  

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Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Alternatives

There are two major competitors to the Diamond Archery Edge. The Diamond Archery Edge SB-1 is another great bow also made by the same company. 

Another option is the Bear Archery Cruzer G2.  Both of these bows have something to offer and should be considered when looking for one of the best bows for various experience levels. 

Diamond Archery Edge vs Bear Cruzer G2 

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Compound Bow

Both bows have excellent build quality and are top rated beginner bow packages. 

Some archers preferred the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge for its arrow rest.  Arrow rests can be very personal to individuals.  Depending on your intended use and accuracy goals, some models work better than others.   

Other users stated that the sight system on the Bear Cruzer G2 was ideal with its light to illuminate the sights in low light times of the day.  This can make the difference in a successful hunt or not.  Beginners may not realize how dark it gets right before sun up and sun down when deer are the most active.   

One downside to the Diamond Archery Edge is that the included peep sight needs to be put on at a bow shop, it is not ready out of the box. 

Now that being said, I would recommend hunters taking any bow to a bow shop and have it tuned precisely to you.  Beginners do not need to try and do this step on their own.  But some people who are looking to have their equipment ready out of the box will be disappointed at this extra step. 

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge vs Diamond Archery Edge SB-1

Diamond Archery Edge SB-1

Both of these bows are very similar coming from the same company.  The Diamond SB-1 is a little faster at 318 fps vs the 310 fps with the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge.  

The Infinite Edge is lighter than the SB-1.  The Infinite Edge has a weight of 3.2 lbs vs the Edge SB-1 with a weight of 3.6 lbs.  

The SB-1 also has a narrower draw length range only allowing between 15-30 in draw length versus the Infinite Edge which has between 13 and 31 inches of draw length. 

The reality is that both of these bows offer excellent performance coming from the same manufacturer.  You will have to consider both and choose what fits your precise needs.   

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In summary, if you are looking for a quality bow that is ready for anything you intend to use it for then the  Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is a great option.  With its easy-to-adjust system that is clearly visible and a wide range of draw lengths and draw weight, this bow will fit the needs of most archers.  

This compound bow truly does stand out as a great beginner to intermediate model thanks to its smooth draw cycle, adjustable draw weight and draw length, 80 % let off, average axle to axle length, slip proof arrow rest, and ability to produce enough ft lbs to take down most game in North America.  

In my reviewing bows, this package is one of the best I have reviewed out of the box and would be a welcome addition to any archers arsenal. 

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