Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Camo Compound Bow Review


The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is one of the best compound bows around.

It has been made to suit archers of all skill levels as it is adjustable in many ways. If you start out with this bow as a beginner, you can continue to adjust it as you become more experienced and you do not have to spend more money on an advanced compound bow for pros.

The Diamond Infinite Edge is a product of Diamond. Diamond Archery was bought by Bowtech Archery so Diamond bows are products of Bowtech, made using the same state-of-the-art technology.

Now the company itself, Bowtech Archery, is a USA-based company. It prides itself in the quality of its products and its outstanding customer service. Apart from Diamond Archery, Bowtech has other subsidiaries including Excalibur Crossbows and Stryker Crossbows. With this wide network, Bowtech is able to offer archers all around the world products that are made with unmatched expertise.

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro has all the features you will ever need. Besides being a best-selling model, it is so cool in many ways. This new design has its cam system totally redesigned to give you a great experience; one you have never known before. It will give you a clean, smooth brow and the back wall is solid.

Another feature that people will not stop talking about is the extended draw length. The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is perfect for all ages—something you do not get with most other bows. In addition to growing with it as you become experienced, your child can grow with it in age too.

There are so many nice things to say about this compound bow (and a few not-so-nice) ones too. Everything is detailed below.

Summary of Features and Specifications

• Has a super-solid back wall
• Versatile and high-quality
• Draw length is extended (13” minimum and 31” maximum)
• Available for both left-handed and right-handed archers
• Adjustable draw weight (from 5 lbs to 70 lbs)
• Has a let-off of 80%
• A completely redesigned cam system
• Features a stabilizer for perfect balance while shooting
• Axle-to-axle length: 31.5”
• Package contents include the Infinite Edge bow, tube peep sight, wrist sling, BCY string loop, stabilizer, quiver, arrow rest and a 3-pin tundra sight
• An improved version of the Diamond Infinite Edge
• Great for hunting as well as recreational shooting
• Small, sturdy riser made of aluminum
• Very lightweight at 3.2 lbs
• Dual eccentric cam system
• Comes in three colors to choose from; black ops, mossy oak country and pink camo
• Brace height of 7”
• Shooting speed up to 310 fps

Closer Look at the Features and Specifications

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro has an adjustable draw weight.

When it comes to the adjustability of draw weights, takedown recurve bows have always been king. Their limbs can be interchanged allowing you to change the draw weight to something desirable.

However, the Diamond Pro is changing that narrative. It has limb bolts that allow you to vary the draw weight from 5 lbs to 70 lbs. Remember that unlike with a takedown bow, you do not need to keep changing the limbs to adjust the draw weight. This is very easy and convenient. You can share your bow with any member of your family or if you use it alone, change the poundage to suit your muscle strength.

The cam system has been improved and the design is a little different from that of the Infinite Edge. It features a dual eccentric cam system. Although most people think that Diamond bows are mainly single cams, both the Infinite and Infinite Pro have a dual cam system.

This system offers unmatched speed, accuracy and nock travel. It is believed that the dual cam system is noisier compared to the single system but the Infinite Pro is quiet. The stabilizer helps with that. Most probably, you will not need a silencer even when hunting.

One of the most commendable features of the Infinite Edge Pro is the adjustable draw length. The draw length settings range from 13” to 31”. The change is made by adjusting the cam modules.

This feature is a huge deal because it opens doors for more people to use the Infinite Edge pro. A seven-year-old can use this bow just as easily as a fifty-year-old.

Some parents are hesitant about buying bows for junior archers because they fear that they will outgrow them in a few years. If you are one of those parents, you can now buy the Infinite Edge Pro, confident that your child can always use it even when they are an adult.

The let-off for the Infinite Edge Pro is 80%. The let-off refers to the amount of weight that you will have to bear after pulling the string all the way back, just before shooting. 80% is amazing and will lighten the load for you which will, in turn, allow more time to aim comfortably.

If you have adjusted the poundage of the Infinite Edge Pro all the way to the maximum (70 lbs), you will only need to hold 14 lbs.

You will notice that the manufacturer praises the back wall of this compound bow. It is not uncommon for archers to have a hard time finding their anchor point. This solid back wall is helpful to such shooters.

The axle-to-axle length of this bow is 31.5”. For many shooters, this length is just okay. When hunting, it is not too short to the extent that it interferes with your balance. It is also not too long which makes it easy to use and move with through the woods. A few may find it too short—mostly target shooters. All in all, the length is standard.

The speed of the Infinite Edge Pro is 310 feet per second (FPS). It is not the fastest one around but 310 FPS is very decent. Usually, compound bows that are faster than this are the very expensive ones. This speed will not hinder you from doing your best, whether hunting or target shooting. You will be able to take down big game and have an awesome experience.

The riser of the Infinite pro is made of aluminum. The material is solid and ensures durability and sturdiness. Besides the riser being heavy-duty, it is small.

The size makes the overall weight of the compound bow lighter. You will appreciate the light riser when you are out in the field for a whole day. Carrying a heavy bow for long can cause physical problems.

In addition to all that, the riser comes in three fantastic colors for you to choose from. There is the pink camo, mossy oak country and of course, black ops.

Package Contents

The package of the Infinite Edge Pro comes with many fantastic contents—you might not have to buy anything else.

The contents include the Edge Pro bow, 5” octane stabilizer, BCY string loop, arrow rest, three-pin tundra sight, tube peep sight, octane quiver and a wrist sling.

The peep sight and the tundra sight are for aiming purposes.

The compound bow is a modern bow and many archers prefer to use modern accessories with it. Instinctive shooters, on the other hand, prefer the recurve.

The tundra sight may not be helpful if you like to shoot when it is a little dark. However, a mounting hole has been included if you would like to use a sight light. The light is not included in the package.

The peep sight is a little complicated, especially for a newbie. It is not installed out of the box and you might have to seek the help of an experienced archer.

On to the quiver—you will have to agree that the accessories included in the Infinite Pro package are totally awesome. The Deadlock lite octane quiver is no different. The bow-mounted quiver can hold a maximum of five arrows at a time. Like any good quiver, this one is very simple yet of good quality. Detaching it is easy and so is taking arrows from it when out hunting.

Another thing included in the package is an arrow rest. The octane Hostage XL arrow rest is pretty much okay. It is not the best in the market but the simple design is great. The lack of mechanical parts kind of makes it long-lasting. For a beginner, this will work just fine. You can always upgrade if you want to.

The octane ultra-lite stabilizer is a thoughtful inclusion in the package. If you do not know the purpose of a stabilizer, it is a device that, as the name suggests, ensures stability. It facilitates accuracy. It is small, lightweight and very well-made. Apart from balance, the stabilizer does a good job dampening noise and vibrations. When hunting, it eliminates the need for a silencer.

The Infinite Edge Pro comes with a wrist sling. Archers usually do not think much of a wrist sling and not many even bother to buy one. Nonetheless, considering that you spent a good amount buying your compound bow, a wrist sling is important. It keeps your bow secure after a shot. It can easily slip out of your hand so the sling prevents it from falling and consequently protects your bow from damage.

Finally, you get the BCY string loop. The D-loop offers a nocking point on the bow. Archers use it to be able to shoot with a release aid. As already mentioned, compound bow shooters prefer to use devices and accessories.

Why You Should Buy the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

It comes with just about everything you need to shoot.

For a fair price, Diamond Archery give you a high-quality compound bow with lots of accessories in the package.

They have included a tundra-pin sight and a peep sight for aiming. There is a wrist sling to secure your bow, a stabilizer to facilitate balance and dampen vibrations, a quiver for your arrows, arrow rest, a loop and of course, the bow itself.

If this bow did not come with half of these devices, you would have to spend a significant amount to get them.

The adjustability of the Infinite Edge Pro is outstanding.

It is not every day that you come across a bow that can be used by people of all sizes, ages and skill levels.

The adjustable draw length makes it easy to share this bow with archers of different sizes (an adult can share it with a child).

The adjustable draw weight allows you to grow in experience with this bow. It will also come in handy when you have a sore shoulder or any other injury and need to shoot with lower poundage.

The solid back wall offered by the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is a great advantage too. It makes the bow stand out among the competition. If your anchor point seems to be shifting every time or you are just having a hard time finding it, this compound bow is good for you.

The bow is fast. It shoots an arrow at a speed of 310 FPS. This speed is perfect for all kinds of archery—including bowfishing. There is no reason why anyone would turn down this bow because of the speed and you should not, either.

It is well-made and there are three colors for you to choose from.

The riser of the Infinite Edge Pro is made using aluminum. The limbs are solid too and contribute greatly to the versatility of this compound bow.

The manufacturer is confident that you can use this bow for the most part of your life without having to replace it. The riser comes in three colors for the people who like to have a choice; the pink camo, mossy oak and the black ops. The three colors are all gorgeous.

The weight is just perfect. The Infinite Edge Pro weighs 3.2 lbs.

Every archer will agree that a heavy bow is not anyone’s preference and neither is a bow that is too light.

When the bow is too light it lacks balance and can easily interfere with your aiming and accuracy. When it is too heavy, only a few archers will be able to use it; moreover, navigating with it through the bushes while hunting will be a real pain. The Diamond Infinite Pro does not come with any of those disadvantages.

The let-off is amazing. With the 80% let-off, even intermediate archers can easily shoot with the poundage set to 70 lbs (the maximum) with no trouble. It is helpful when you want to take down a big animal.

There are claims that the Infinite Edge Pro has an “infinity” setting that allows for zero let-off. It is an amazing setting and different archers can shoot without making adjustments.

It is suitable for all kinds of archery. There is nothing that the Infinite Edge Pro cannot do.

Whether you are looking for a bow to shoot in your backyard, for target shooting with friends or to take hunting, this compound bow will work just fine. The best thing about it is that it is not limiting. With its versatility, you can practice all forms of archery without having several bows.

It is quiet. Bows are nowhere near firearms when it comes to being loud. However, they can be annoyingly noisy. The vibrations can be a nuisance especially when hunting—you will have a hard time sneaking up on your prey.

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is fairly quiet. The included stabilizer makes it even quieter.

Finally, Diamond Archery back this compound bow with a lifetime warranty. That is right. The Edge Pro has been made to be used and abused—anything to bring out the archer in you. If it misbehaves you are free to return it anytime.

The Downside of the Infinite Edge Pro

Although Diamond Archery have made an effort to include a lot of necessary devices in the package, some of those devices are of low quality.

For instance, a seasoned archer will definitely have a problem with the tundra sight. It may be okay for newbies, though. The arrow rest is also of lesser quality. This is probably not a deal breaker because all of these can be upgraded. They work well too so it is just an issue of them not being the best quality.

The adjustability of this bow might as well be a disadvantage. The freedom to change the draw weight, draw length and other features as often as you like sounds nice. It will allow you to practice archery in an amazing way.

However, this makes it very easy to damage your bow and make it unsafe. You could also mess up the warranty. This is an area that you need to be extra cautious and that means that young ones cannot be left to make the adjustments.

It has a square grip. Most manufacturers make an effort to make the grips ergonomic so that archers can be comfortable, especially when shooting for long periods of time. Many shooters may find the square grip of the Infinite Edge Pro a little unnatural. Nonetheless, it is not as uncomfortable as it may sound and anyone can manage. Besides, you can easily get a custom grip made for you.

Newbies (and some intermediate archers) may need the help of a pro before they start shooting. As you have seen from the adjustable features and accessories that go on this bow, it can be complicated. It is no surprise that some people who have been archers for a while will still need help to set the Infinite Edge Pro up.

You have to take it to a professional to have it tuned. The draw weight and even the draw length may have to be adjusted for you. You might also need help with the peep sight at first. This sounds hectic.

Customer Feedback

What do archers have to say about their experience with the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro?

The first group of archers who have tried this compound bow is the beginner group.

Diamond Archery maintains that this is one of the most suitable bows for newbies.

Those that have used it prove that this is true. It comes with all the necessary accessories and is ready to shoot out of the box. As advised above, most of them still have to take it to a pro for adjustment. Other than that, they have been enjoying this bow. It is forgiving and makes the learning process much bearable.

The second group includes shooters who have had an injury and wanted something adjustable for rehabilitation. They say that the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro has been of immense help. The bow can be adjusted to just the perfect draw weight. They have nothing but praises for it.

The last group includes all the other archers. The price is fair, according to them. They appreciate the accessories included. Most of them bought this bow online without even seeing it in person and they say that it looks exactly as advised.

Some were able to make the adjustments on their own while others had to involve pros. The Diamond Infinite offers a very smooth draw and just as mentioned above, it is quiet.

Hunters have made something of their hunting trips and they are proud.

Despite the accessories not being top-notch quality, users say that they work just fine.

As long as you take good care of your Infinite Edge Pro, they say it will serve you for a long time.

There are a few complaints about this bow being unsafe, especially from people who tried to set it up on their own. Make an effort of having someone experienced fix it for you before you start shooting.


Clearly, the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is an outstanding bow.

It is the product of a reputable company that is determined to maintain its great reputation. The main selling point of this bow is its adjustability, no doubt. It is good to have a bow that you can grow with and use it for all your hunting experiences.

The included accessories are also amazing. You get to save some dollars there.

There is not much to complain about this compound bow. Please, do not forget to be extremely careful while making adjustments.

That said, you will definitely love shooting with the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro.

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