Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Compound Bow Review

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Compound Bow Review

The Bear Archery Cruzer is one powerful compound bow. As an archer, this compound bow is one of the best investments you can make. Not only is it a great addition to your bow collection, but it is also one of those bows that fit everyone and every occasion. It is especially great if yours is a family of archers. The manufacturer made this compound bow to be used by shooters of all skill levels, even children under the age of ten. It can also be used for target archery as well as hunting and bow fishing. It meets the set standards of hunting bows in almost every state.

The Bear Cruzer G2 compound bow is a product of Bear Archery. The company has been in business since 1933. It was founded by Charles Piper and Fred Bear. Interestingly, it has not always been an archery company. It started as an advertiser for automotive manufacturers. The company started making hand-made bows in 1938. It became a full archery business in 1940. Bear Archery moved from Detroit to Grayling, Michigan in 1947. While here, it focused primarily on longbows and recurve bows and eventually, modern archery equipment. In 1978, the company moved again to Gainesville, Florida. Today, it is a subsidiary of Escalade Sports. With all this experience, advanced technology and a team of committed experts, Bear Archery has been known to make some of the best bows in the market.

This bow, in particular, is one of the best compound bows that you can lay your hands on. Bows can be expensive and in some instances, you have to buy several to serve different purposes and different members of the family. However, the Bear Cruzer is designed in such a way that it can be used by everyone, regardless of age or experience level and for every form of archery. Its adjustability is impeccable and you can turn it from an experienced adult’s bow to a newbie kid’s bow in minutes. Besides that, the Bear Cruzer offers many more amazing features as you will see in this detailed review.

Features and Specifications of the Bear Cruzer

  • Suitable for archers of all skill levels, sizes and ages
  • Comes fully assembled out of the box
  • Available for both right-handed and left-handed shooters
  • Features a solid back wall
  • Has an ergonomic grip
  • Smooth draw
  • All-inclusive package; comes with a peep sight, quiver, stabilizer with wrist sling, 4-pin sight, loop and whisker biscuit
  • Maximum versatility double cam system
  • Comes in 10 different colors
  • Riser made of aluminum
  • Draw length is adjustable 12” to 30”
  • Draw weight is adjustable 5 lbs to 70 lbs
  • Let-off: 70%
  • Axle-to-axle length: 30”
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Arrow speed: 315 feet per second (FPS)
  • Brace height: 6 1/2”
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty

Closer Look at the Features and Specifications of the Bear Cruzer G2 Compound Bow

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Cam

This bow is available in many colors. There is the Realtree edge (camouflage), moonshine muddy girl (pink camouflage), moonshine toxic (green camouflage), moonshine undertow (blue camouflage), moonshine wildfire (orange camouflage), Realtree extra (camouflage), one nation midnight (camouflage), veil stroke (camouflage), shadow series (black) and TrueTimber Kanati (camouflage). All these colors look awesome. They are all camouflage, making them perfect for hunting. Some shades of camouflage are a little bright such as the pink, black, green, orange and blue shades of camouflage. The rest are not as colorful but they are gorgeous.

The riser is made of aluminum and the grip is ergonomic. All the top-notch compound bows have their risers made of aluminum. It is the best material because despite being heavy-duty, it is very lightweight. The riser makes up a big part of the bow so its weight hugely affects the overall weight of the bow. The Bear Cruzer only weighs 3 lbs. The ergonomic grip feels great and allows you to comfortably hold and use the bow for as long as you would like. Your hand fits in perfectly so you will be holding the bow the same way every single time which facilitates accuracy. It features a slim design that suits all kinds of shooters.

The Bear Cruzer has an amazing cam system. Like all the other Bear Cruzer models, the G2 features a maximum versatility (MV) double cam system. Unlike most of the other cam systems which are aggressive, this system is moderate. This design facilitates a smooth draw and great accuracy. The double cam system is better than the single cam system in terms of speed. That is one of the main reasons why a shooter would choose the former over the latter. Again, a double cam system eliminates nock travel issues— you cannot say this about most bows with a single cam system.

The draw weight of the Bear Cruzer is adjustable from 5 lbs to 70 lbs. It is one of the most adjustable compound bows you can get. Recurve bows may have been the most popular but that slot is slowly being taken up by compound bows. Instead of interchanging limbs, all you need to do is used an Allen wrench to change the draw weight. This feature makes the bow perfect for a seasoned archer, an intermediate archer and an entry-level archer. If you want a bow for the whole family, this is it. Besides, even as an experienced adult shooter, sometimes you may just want to shoot with a low draw weight. Instead of buying several bows, buy this one and adjust it to suit your situation.

This bow allows for a wide range of draw lengths. Like the draw weight, this makes the Bear Cruzer suitable for archers of all sizes. The draw length can be defined as how far back you pull the bowstring. Obviously, a 10-year old will have a shorter draw length compared to, say, a 45-year old. Sharing a bow with your child may not work with many other bows. However, with this one, that will be the least of your worries.

The Bear Cruzer has a let-off of 70%. This means that even when you set the bow to the highest draw weight (70 lbs) you will only bear 21 lbs, that is 30% of the draw weight. Most compound bow shooters are not instinctive shooters. They can, therefore, use a few minutes to perfect their aim just before they shoot. When holding a draw weight of 70 lbs, this will be hard to do and you will get tired very quickly. But with a let-off of 70%, you will only hold 21 lbs, which is not much.

The axle-to-axle length is 30”. For a bow that is meant to be used by both adults and children, this length is perfect. It is mainly a hunting bow so the length matters. It is not too long. A young archer will easily maneuver through the bushes while on a hunting adventure. For the tall archer, it is not too short that it lacks balance.

The Bear Cruzer shoots an arrow at a speed of 315 feet per second (FPS). As mentioned above, it has an MV double cam system. This system eliminates the speed disadvantage brought about by the single cam system. When out in the field, a few seconds could determine whether or not you go home empty-handed. Besides, there is no disadvantage to having a bow that shoots fast. If you are an experienced hunter, it is hard to miss your prey; especially if you have the draw weight and draw length set to the highest level.

This compound bow weighs 3 lbs. Imagine you are going on a hunting adventure with your buddies. You are dressed in not-so-light camouflage clothes, heavy boots and have an even heavier backpack on your back. Add to this a heavy bow. You will be burnt out before you get to where you are going. The Bear Cruzer allows you to hunt all day, if you want, without getting muscle cramps. This applies to kids as well. The manufacturer was thoughtful enough to understand that hunting can take a long while and a heavy bow is not what anyone wants in such a situation.

Package Contents

The Bear Cruzer G2 compound bow comes ready to hunt. The manufacturer has included several accessories in the package to get you started off. Unlike recurve bow shooters and other traditional bow users, compound bow shooters use a lot of modern devices. The Trophy Ridge accessories include a 4-pin sight, nock loop, five spot quiver, whisker biscuit and stabilizer with a wrist sling. You have got to love Bear Archery. Unlike most of their competitors, they actually made an effort to include high-quality Trophy Ridge accessories in the package.

Whisker Biscuit arrow rest: you will be lucky to find this kind of arrow rest in any other package. Most bows come with a basic arrow rest and you have to upgrade—which costs more money.

Five-arrow quiver: this quiver is bow attached. It is very easy to draw arrows from.

4-pin sight: this is one of the best pin sights. It has a reputation of being long-lasting so you will not be buying another one anytime soon.

Stabilizer: a stabilizer enhances the stability of your bow and reduces unnecessary rotations. Moreover, it dampens noise and vibrations which can be very annoying. Double cam compound bows are noisier compared to single cam bows so the stabilizer will come in handy.

Peep sight: when used properly together with the bow sight, the peep sight grants impeccable accuracy.

Wrist sling: you cannot grip your bow with a death grip because the arrow flight will be greatly impacted. Therefore, when you launch the arrow the bow can “jump” and get damaged or cause an injury. The sling eliminates the chances of that happening.

Nock loop: the loop is used with a trigger for a smooth release.

Why You Should Buy the Bear Cruzer G2 Compound Bow

The draw weight is adjustable to suit a wide range of levels. Using nothing but an Allen wrench, you can adjust the draw weight of your Bear Cruzer to be used by every member of the family. Since it can be adjusted from 5 lbs all the way to 70 lbs, nobody will be left out. This adjustability makes the bow great for both beginners and kids. As the newbie gets more experience and as the kid grows, there will be no need to start looking for a more powerful bow. You will only need to make a small adjustment. This feature also favors the pro archer. On days when you are feeling a little under the weather or have an injury, you can reduce the poundage to something more bearable for you.

It caters for a wide range of draw lengths. This, among other things, makes it a great family bow. Instead of buying two bows, one for the parents and another one for the kids, just get the Bear Cruzer G2. The Maximum Versatility ensures a solid back wall and you will be surprised how flexible this bow can be. It is a good thing to introduce your kid to archery using an adult bow because they can sharpen their skills at a very young age.

The Bear Cruzer comes ready to hunt out of the box. The manufacturer of this bow is cool. They have the bow assembled for you so you do not have to struggle with a manual (probably written in a foreign language) and YouTube videos. They also include Trophy Ridge accessories, which are some of the best.  As stated above and as you may have experienced, when manufacturers include accessories in a package they almost never bother about quality. They just throw in the most basic ones they can find. The people at Bear Archery have gone the extra mile to ensure that your experience is nothing short of awesome.

All you need to make adjustments is an Allen wrench. Simple is not a word that anyone can use to describe a compound bow. Being modern bows, they are some of the most complicated bow types. Many of them, even those that come fully assembled, require some kind of expert to make a few adjustments so you can be able to shoot. If you try to do things yourself, you might end up with an unsafe bow. The Bear Cruzer does not come with all these complications. You can do the adjustment yourself, even if you are a beginner. The modules even come with a viewing window so you can get to the perfect setting.

There are so many colors to choose from. The Bear Cruzer can be used for hunting and it is usually better for the hunter if his bow is camouflage. But who said that camouflage has to be a single, boring shade? This compound bow offers you ten beautiful shades to choose from. Of course, depending on where you will be doing your hunting, the blue, green, pink and orange shades might not be a very good idea. Nevertheless, you still have six left.

The Bear Cruzer G2 is well made. As you would expect, a company that has been in the archery business since 1938 is not one to make mistakes or do a shoddy job. This compound bow is proof enough that Bear Archery deserve all the praises they get. The riser is made using aluminum, a sturdy yet light material that ensures durability. The rest of the bow has also been made using superior materials.

It is lightweight and comes in a great size. The whole bow weighs only 3 lbs. The weight is suitable for shooters of all ages and body sizes. The axle-to-axle length is 30”. In target archery, size may not be much of an issue but in hunting it is crucial. You need a bow that you can carry for many hours and one that makes it easy to move through thick bushes—the Bear Cruzer is that bow.

It is a fast bow. The Bear Cruzer G2 will shoot an arrow at a speed of 315 feet per second (FPS). With this speed, it is suitable for all kinds of archery and especially hunting. Most of the competing models have a speed of 310 FPS. You will be able to take down big game and make yourself proud.

To prove that they are confident in their products, Bear Archery back this bow with a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty is not transferable. Unlike many that only offer a one-year warranty, you can buy the Bear Cruzer G2 knowing that it will be your archery partner for a lifetime. The warranty covers cams, risers and limbs.

The Downside of the Bear Cruzer G2 Compound Bow

This bow is a little expensive.  Some archers may consider the price a deal breaker and opt for something affordable. However, understand that the Cruzer G2 is one of the best compound bows. You also need to take into account the fact that this bow is easy to adjust (without the help of a pro) and comes with world-class accessories. If you consider everything that it has to offer, you will realize that the price is worth it.

Very few archers might find it a little slow. 315 FPS is amazing and there is almost nothing you cannot do with such speed. Nevertheless, there are archers, especially veteran hunters, that may need a faster bow. Faster bows are very expensive—they are the high-end ones.

It does not come with arrows. The accessories included in the package have been praised in almost all sites and given the price, Bear Archery could have at least included arrows in the package. They would have saved customers the hassle of finding the right arrows for the bow. Unfortunately, you will have to do your own research. Talk to other archers or ask the manufacturer what arrows go well with the Cruzer G2.

The brace height may be too short for some shooters. Users of longbows and recurve bows are lucky that they get to adjust their brace height. However, compound bows usually have a fixed brace height and you have to stick to it. You may find a compound bow with all the features you are looking for except the ideal brace height, as may be the case with this compound bow. But again, this may only affect very few archers.

What Users Are Saying

Judging from the reviews, this bow is outstanding.

There are so many reviews from newbies and intermediate archers who bought the Cruzer G2 when they were still newbies. They say that this is the most forgiving bow that any beginner can have. It comes fully assembled so they do not have to pay professionals to make the technical adjustments for them. They are able to start with a low draw weight as they train their muscles and move to a higher draw weight.

The bow weight and size are great. There are people that are sharing the bow with their family members and they say that it is amazing. Everyone is comfortable and having so much fun. The quality of the Cruzer G2 has also been mentioned across the reviews. It is very sturdy and absolutely durable.

Funny enough, there are no complaints about the price. The customers all feel that they got a good deal with this one. Despite the fact there are other cheaper ones, it is evident that the Cruzer is worth its weight in gold.

The negative reviews are very few. They are from users who received faulty bows. Some users also say that you have to take the bow to a pro for adjustment before using it.


You cannot help but fall in love with the Bear Cruzer G2 compound bow. It has been made using the latest technology and some of the best materials around. The design is amazing. It comes in so many colors, giving you the freedom to choose your favorite. The manufacturers have included high-quality accessories to save you some money and ensure that you have the best experience out in the field. The adjustability and flexibility are commendable. There is absolutely nothing worth complaining about. Bear bows have a reputation of working exactly as they are advertised— and even better. The Cruzer G2 has been highly recommended by experts across all platforms. You do not want to miss out on what it has to offer.

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