Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Compound Bow Review

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Compound Bow Review

This article is a review of the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Compound Bow.

I have been a bowhunter for almost 20 years now and have shot and set up over a dozen bows.  Bow setup can be a frustrating process that takes away the excitement and joy from bow shooting. 

To answer this problem, the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 provides (almost) everything you need out of the box to go from purchase to ready to hunt.  

I found this bow to be easily adjustable for a wide range of shooters with the Allen wrench adjustment system. The Bear Cruzer G2 is a great bow for the novice who doesn’t want to worry about every decision and get straight to shooting. The accessories included with the bow save you time and get you shooting or hunting quicker.   

In this Bear Cruzer G2 review, you will learn about the versatility of the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 bow, what comes in the box, and why this product is right for you. 

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Keep reading to learn about all the features and benefits this package provides.  

Bear Cruzer G2 Pros And Cons

  • Complete compound bow package right out of the box. This bow has 6 included accessories that gets you from purchase to bow hunting much quicker than most.
  • Multiple levels of adjustments means this compound bow is great for growing youth.
  • At only 3 lbs weight, the Bear Cruzer is easy to carry and shoot for long sessions thanks to intentional design features.
  • Hunters and recreational archers will appreciate the different color options available. Whether you are waiting camo to be better hidden in the woods, or something more unique they have the right style for you.
  • With a single allen wrench you can adjust the draw weight, the draw length, and the height of the compound bow to create a completely custom setup for each individual person.
  • If you are exceptionally tall or have long arms, this bow may not be the best fit for you.
  • If you like to customize every aspect of your compound bow, you might want to get a model that does not include all of the accessories such as this one. Alternatively, you can easily remove the included accessories and replace them with your own.
  • You will still need to purchase arrows and a bow release to start shooting, but you will have to do this with any bow purchase you make.

Who Should Buy The Bear Cruzer G2

The Bear Cruzer G2 is ideal for the young shooter who is looking to get into either archery shooting or hunting.  Because of the degrees of adjustment from the height to the poundage, this compound bow will adjust as you do, proving the ideal length for each archer.  

As your strength increases through repetition, the Bear Cruzer makes it easy to increase the poundage which will translate into greater accuracy across longer distances.    

This compound bow is also great for anyone who wants to make one purchase and have all of the accessories that they need.  I have used these on various compound bows and can say with confidence that they are sufficient for shooting game such as Whitetail Deer.    

Features of the Bear Archery Cruzer G2

The Bear Archery G2 contains many features that set it apart from other bows.  

Build Quality

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Cam

The Bear Cruzer has been designed for speed and weight. If you look at the cams, limbs, riser, and grip design you will see just how much attention went into this bow. 


The cam design on the Cruzer G2 is a double cam setup. This means that you have a cam on the top and the bottom. The shape and design of the cam affects how the bow is drawn, the amount of let off, and the speed it is able to produce. Double cam systems are known for their energy potential as well as excellent let off.

Quad Limbs

The quad limb design allows for a faster and quieter bow.  If you are hunting deer for example, you want as quiet of a bow as possible.  Because of their expert hearing, they are actually capable of what is called jumping the string which means they duck before the arrow reaches the target.  By having a quieter bow, you reduce the likelihood of this occurring.

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The riser on a bow is the central portion.  It is where you find the grip and where most accessories will be attached.  The length of this section will affect all aspects of the bow from speed to weight.  The G2 is designed with an optimal aluminum riser length to get the best of both worlds.

This section also affects the brace height which is the distance of the string from the bow itself.  This also affects the speed and accuracy of a bow.  The brace height has been set for 6 ½ inches.    

Grip Design

Archers know that where you come in contact with the bow will have the greatest impact on your shots.  Hunters will appreciate the comfortable ergonomic grip on the G2.  

One Tool Adjustments

The Cruzer G2 is widely customizable due to its simple Allen wrench adjustment system.  This means you only need one tool to adjust the bow to a wide range of archers. 

Both limb pockets use the same allen adjustment making this compound bow package a one tool system.  

You used to have to have a whole bag of specific tools for each compound bow you owned.  This became very frustrating if you needed to make an adjustment while you were on a hunting trip or away at a shooting competition.  

However, with this system you can hand torque every adjustment yourself.    

Adjustable Draw Length

The draw length, which differs based on the size of the shooter, can adjust from 12 inches to 30 inches.  This range will cover most children all the way up to fully grown men.  

Because of this, you can buy this one bow and have it grow with you over the years, meaning it may be the last bow you ever have to purchase.    

Adjustable Draw Weight

The draw weight, which is a measurement of the amount of force required to pull the bow back to full draw, is equally customizable.  The Bear Cruzer G2 can adjust from 5 lbs to 70 lbs which is more than enough for target shooting or hunting.  

As your skills and strength improve, you can easily make a weight adjustment to the bow to make it more accurate and cause it to hit harder.  This translates to better arrow speed and will increase both accuracy and the effective range of the bow.     

If you are looking to use the Bear Cruzer for hunting, most states set the minimum draw weight for legally killing a deer at around 40lbs.  If you are going to hunt with your compound bow, make sure and look up your state-specific regulations.    

Bow Weight

The Bear Cruzer G2 at 3 lbs is a lightweight bow.  For anyone who has hunted or shot targets for a long time knows, the lighter the bow the longer you can hold it.  This translates to more shooting opportunities.

Bow Speed

This bow also produces a speed of 315 feet per second at the highest poundage.  This translates to a more accurate bow.  The faster the arrow is traveling, the tighter the groups will be.  This will not only increase your accuracy on paper but will translate into better shots if you are using it as your hunting bow. 

This speed exceeds the recommended fps for any mid-sized game in North America making it the one hunting bow you need for mid size and smaller game. 

A Complete Accessory Package

Out of the box, the Cruzer G2 includes six Trophy Ridge accessories guaranteed to fit your bow.  These Trophy Ridge accessories have been designed to fit perfectly which will reduce noise and ensure consistent shots.  

With this package, you will get:

  • A four-pin Trophy Ridge adjustable bow sight.  This means you will be able to set four known distances that you can rely on each and every time.  You can also purchase additional pins to increase your range.  
  • A Trophy Ridge whisker biscuit arrow rest which will keep your arrows in place.  This rest is almost completely silent and fixes the problem of arrows falling off of your bow during a hunt or while climbing up or down a tree.  
  • A five arrow quiver to carry your arrows to the range or the stand.  You do not want to run out during a hunting trip.  
  • A stabilizer and sling to increase accuracy.  Accuracy is key when it comes to bowhunting.  Each of these accessories will allow you to be consistent every time.  
  • A peep sight for precise aiming.  This will be what you look through every time you take a shot.  Again consistency is key. 
  • A nock loop for consistent shooting.  This allows you to place the arrow in the same spot on the string as well as have an anchor point for your release.  


By registering your bow with Bear, you will receive a limited lifetime warranty.  This often overlooked feature means more hunting trips thanks to their high user satisfaction.    

What Users Are Saying

While what you have read comes from my experience and from the manufacturer information, I wanted to give you a couple outside opinions.  

A Reddit user was looking to get back into archery after some time off.  They wanted information on the Bear Cruzer G2 due to its versatile nature.

In their post, BabyFormula1 explains how this bow was purchased for his wife and how it has been such a good experience he also desires to have one like it. 

Some other users of this bow stated online:

  • One user commented that they were achieving a quarter inch group which is remarkable for a bow.
  • Another user commented on the lightweight design and the ease of use.
  • A third user stated that this bow was delightful since it was ready to go out of the box. It included the features that they would have wanted to see in a complete setup.

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Bear Cruzer G2 Alternatives

One of the biggest competitors to this bow is the Diamond Archery Edge Compound Bow Package. Let’s look at the major differences in the two models. 

Bear Cruzer G2 vs Diamond Archery Edge 

Diamond Archery Edge SB-1

Both bows have excellent build quality and are top rated beginner bow packages.

Some archers preferred the Diamond Archery SB-1 for its arrow rest.  Arrow rests can be very personal to individuals.  Depending on your intended use and accuracy goals, some models work better than others.   

Other users stated that the sight system on the Bear Cruzer G2 was ideal with its light to illuminate the sights in low light times of the day.  This can make the difference in a successful hunt or not.  Beginners may not realize how dark it gets right before sun up and sun down when deer are the most active.   

One downside to the Diamond Archery Edge SB-1 is that the included peep sight needs to be put on at a bow shop, it is not ready out of the box. 

Now that being said, I would recommend hunters taking any bow to a bow shop and have it tuned precisely to you.  Beginners do not need to try and do this step on their own.  But some people who are looking to have their equipment ready out of the box will be disappointed at this extra step. 

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In summary, if you are looking for the quickest path from purchase to arrows downrange, the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Compound Bow is a great option.  With its easy-to-adjust system and a wide range of draw lengths and draw weight, this bow will fit the needs of most archers.  

Your hunting adventures will benefit from this one bow that can grow as you do.  And with the lifetime warranty, this very much may be the only bow you need to purchase making it truly a ready to hunt decision.

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