Barnett Whitetail Hunter 2 Review

barnet whitetail hunter ii

This is a review of the Barnett Whitetail Hunter ii.

When I injured my knee and required surgery, I feared that I would not get to go hunting that season.  However, a friend of mine not only took me with him but also let me use his crossbow.  I fell in love with these powerful bows that season and have enjoyed them since.

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter ii has one of the smoothest triggers on the market making it ideal for hunting applications or for target shooting in your backyard.

Over the course of this recurve crossbow review, you will come to see why the Barnett Whitetail Hunter ii is a great choice for a crossbow package.

Barnett Whitetail Hunter 2 Review: Pros and Cons

  • Anti dry fire trigger: This bow contains a safety feature in place that will not allow you to fire the bow without an arrow. This increases the safety of the bow and protects it against dryfiring which can result in damage to the crossbow.
  • Almost completely assembled out of the box: There are only a few steps you need to take to get this crossbow out and shooting. They are completely outlined in the instructions provided in the box.
  • 4x32mm multi reticle scope: This included scope will give you more than enough magnification for your target shooting or hunting needs. It will need to be sighted in before target use.
  • Rope cocking aid included to make cocking the crossbow easy
  • Unique trigger system: The trigger system on this crossbow is one of the smoothest triggers on the market giving you better shots down range.
  • Because of the safety features, the only way to unload the bow once an arrow has been placed on it is to fire it. This shouldn’t be a problem but is something that you will want to keep in mind.
  • The scope will need adjusting to match your shooting style and arrows of choice if you do not go with the packaged arrows. This is common on any shooting scope.

Who Should Buy The Barnett Whitetail Hunter ii?

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter is ideal for crossbow hunting if your state allows the use of crossbows for hunting purposes.  It is also a very accurate crossbow and would be great for target shooting.  

This crossbow is a little on the heavier side at 6.4 lbs but what this allows is a smoother shot.  This means that as long as you are shooting it from a rest, this crossbow will be great for anyone who is looking to start shooting.

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Features and Benefits: Barnett Whitetail Hunter ii Review 

Realtree xtra camo pattern, ideal for deer hunting  

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter ii is coated with a beautiful camo pattern design made by realtree.  If you are looking to use this crossbow for deer hunting, this will serve you well.

If you are looking for a hunting crossbow, you want one that is not overly flashy.  Animals are likely to see glittery objects as the sun hits them giving away your position.  The camo on this crossbow solves that problem by making it much more difficult to spot while on the hunt. 

Trigger tech trigger system

The trigger tech trigger system on the Barnett Whitetail Hunter ii is one of the best triggers on the market. The trigger is breaking at a clean 4lb making it a very smooth pull with zero creep.  Few compound bows can match this level of accuracy. 

There are not any other crossbows in this price range that give such a smooth trigger setup. This translates into better shots and an unmatched level of accuracy without spending a great deal more money.

The reason that this trigger type is important is it minimizes the distance from the resting point of the trigger and the point where the crossbow fires.  The farther you are trying to shoot, the more important this becomes.  The simple fact is the more time you have to deal with the more likely you are to throw off your aim.  

Ambidextrous safety 

One of the best features of this crossbow is that it has an ambidextrous safety.  This is necessary for left handed shooters who often have a difficult time finding a crossbow.  The safety is easy to engage and disengage.  

Another benefit to this safety system is the inability of the crossbow to be fired if there is not an arrow placed in the bow.  This prevents accidental discharges which can ruin your shooting investment.  

Adjustable Butt Stock

The butt stock on the whitetail hunter is adjustable up to an inch.  This may not seem like much but the ability to fine tune the length of the crossbow is vital for a comfortable shot.

The butt stock is also hollow on the interior removing some of the potential weight you might have had with this crossbow otherwise.  

Headhunter Arrows

The kit comes with two 20 inch headhunter arrows which weigh in around 400 grains and provide a speed of around 332 feet per second.  

These arrows will serve you well either as target arrows or as hunting arrows.  You may want to purchase more, but these arrows will give you the perfect pattern to get.

If you are going to hunt with this crossbow, you will want to purchase additional broadheads for taking off the size game you are going after.  

Rope Cocking Device

The set includes a rope cocking device to aid in cocking a crossbow.  It is also compatible with the crank system if you would like to purchase it separately.  

However, I do not think this will be necessary as the rope cocking device provides adequate support.

The current draw weight is around 150 lbs.  You will want to use a cocking aid to assist with loading.  The provided foot stirrup is sturdy and allows a good hold to load the crossbow.

Lightweight Quiver With Attachment, Ideal For Deer Hunting

The attachable quiver is not only lightweight, but it can also be removed to make the crossbow more maneuverable in the stand.  This is a real benefit as it allows you to access your arrows quickly if needed for followup shots.  It can also be removed to not get in the way when hunting or shooting in tight spaces.

High Build Quality

barnet whitetail hunter 2 bow

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter ii has been designed with build quality in mind.  This crossbow will last the life of a hunter or target shooter with regular maintenance and care.  

The trigger system is stainless steel giving a solid trigger. This is part of the powerhouse of this crossbow which is its trigger system combined with its limb system

The crossbow base creates a power stroke of 12 ½ . This is the distance the arrow is in contact with the bow.  This setup gives the bow its speed and power.  

Ideal Frame Size For Deer Hunting Or Target Shooting

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter is sized perfectly for either hunting or for target shooting.  It measures in at 34.25 l x 18.25 w.  The axle width is just over 16.1 inches.  

With the adjustable stock, this makes the crossbow a great fit for most shooters.  The grip on the stock and the forearm keep it from feeling too forward heavy which can be a problem with some crossbows.    

The frame is also well balanced for shooting when not using a rest.  While shots will tend to be a little less accurate using this style of shooting, when practiced, it can be a great way to get a shot off quickly when needed.     

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Barnett Whitetail Hunter ii Reviews From The Web

This is a very popular crossbow thanks to its design for versatility and optimal shooting setup.  I appreciate the slightly heavier frame of this crossbow as it made it more accurate to shoot. I would not hesitate to take this crossbow into the woods for hunting purposes. This is not just my opinion, others share it as well.  

Popular selling sites have many high customer ratings that speak to the shootability of this system.  One user was able to get 1 inch groups at 30 yards, which is impressive to say the least.

Others appreciated the complete package and the clear setup instructions. 

JohnStOwner on Reddit debated between the Barnett Whitetail Hunter 2 and another crossbow. Users were impressed by the accuracy and compliments given by another Reddit user, PhalanxGun:

Suzette F. at had this to say about the Barnett Whitetail Hunter ii:

Dave in the same thread also appreciated it’s quality and ability to be used as a hunting crossbow:

As mentioned above, this crossbow is a great value for the price. While it takes some setup, the end result is well worth it and more than comparable to other similar crossbows on the market. 

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Barnett Whitetail Hunter ii Crossbow Alternatives

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow vs Centerpoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Package

centerpoint sniper

One of the competitors to the Barnett Whitetail Hunter is the Centerpoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Package. Both of these bows are good shooting bows that include everything you need out of the box to start shooting. 

One of the downsides to the Centerpoint Sniper 370 is a lack of string dampeners. While neither bow includes them, the Centerpoint Sniper is stated to be a little loud out of the box. While this will not affect performance on the range, it is worth noting. 

The draw weight on the Centerpoint Sniper 370 is heavier than the Barnett Whitetail Hunter ii measuring in at 185 lbs.  This will make the bow hit harder but also be more difficult to draw.  This makes the Barnett Whitetail better for younger shooters and for women.  

The Centerpoint Sniper 370 cannot match the quality of trigger that is in the Barnett Whitetail Hunter ii.  The trigger on the Centerpoint Sniper 370 is not bad by any means, but it is not as smooth.

Overall either of the crossbows is a great product.  If you are looking for an entry level crossbow for hunting, I prefer the Barnett Whitetail Hunter ii crossbow.  However, if you are simply going to shoot at the range, the Centerpoint Sniper 370 is a great crossbow.   


The Barnett Whitetail Hunter 2 is a great crossbow for hunting trips or for target shooting. 

The crossbow comes with everything you need to shoot it right out of the box including setup information. The only additional items you might consider getting are a few string silencers to make it even quieter. 

The trigger on this crossbow is better than others in its price range and makes shooting accurately easy to do. 

The ambidextrous safety makes this crossbow ideal for right or left handed shooters. 

The cocking cable makes it easier to cock for shooters of all skill levels, although this crossbow is ideal for hunters.

Check out the Barnett Whitetail Hunter ii for yourself and pick one up today.

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